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Is Silver Going Lower?

by Ryan Jordan, Silver News Blog:

In both gold and silver, the New Year brings technical readings as oversold as those seen in the 1980-1982 bear market. Some technicians claim that they have never seen such oversold conditions in the mining equities- a pretty strong statement when you think about past bear markets in the mining stocks. In the gold market, ETF holdings, by some measures, are as low as early 2008—before the financial crisis. Speculative positions on electronic futures platforms are also at lows not seen in over eight years. From the perspective of Wall Street, hedge funds, and other western commercial banks, it really looks as though the 2008 crisis is a distant memory. We can all just go back to making fortunes in the conventional stock markets and forget about the need for those barbarous, inconvenient, bulky hedges like gold and silver.

Yes, complacency reigns, as more and more people focus on the recovery (at least according to official data) here at home in the United States. This complacency has likewise triggered a parabolic move in the conventional stock market—although I admit that parabolic moves can last longer than anyone thinks possible.

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