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If Pollution From China Affects The West Coast How Come Pollution From Fukushima Doesn’t ?

by Chris Carrington, The Daily Sheeple:

A new report states that pollution from China is causing smog on the West Coast of the USA.

Now you’ll have to forgive my confusion here but if we take Beijing as the starting point the distance to The West Coast is 6,266 miles. That’s a long way for pollution to travel on the wind.

It’s further for example than the 5,363 miles the wind has to travel from Fukushima.

Maybe it takes a different route when it’s carrying radiation…

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1 comment to If Pollution From China Affects The West Coast How Come Pollution From Fukushima Doesn’t ?

  • glitter 1

    “A new report states that pollution from China is causing smog on the West Coast of the USA.”

    Here is a post from 01/15/2015:

    glitter 1
    January 15, 2014 at 11:03 pm · Reply
    Someone is finally reading my posts.Look,people have always had a fear of “Radiation” because you can’t see it,taste it,hear it,feel it,smell it,but you are going to die from it.The public will never come to understand it fully,especially the way it’s being portrayed in all of these Fukushima Hack Pieces.Consider these facts:

    The Headlines are Everywhere!
    The Pacific is dying!
    The Star Fish are Melting!
    The Sardines are Gone!
    The Salmon are Gone!
    Seals have Open Sores!
    Sea Life Of All Types is Dying!

    Now just sit down,take a deep breath,tune out all of the noise and “Think” for a momment.
    > ~50 Million live on the West Coast of the US and everyone of them is crapping and peeing continually,24/7,365 days a year.Where do you think all of that goes/winds up?
    > Where do you think farmland run-off,storm water run-off goes/winds up?
    > The air pollution in China,due to coal fired power generators & steel mills which accounts for 95% of all power generation, and Russia is some of the worst on Earth,where do you think all of that particulate pollution goes/winds up?

    > Sewage is laced with Heavy Metals,Phamaceuticals i.e.Psychotropics(Anti-Depressants),Birth Control(Hormones),Blood Pressure meds & Cholesterol meds(Statins),Coumadin(Rat Poison) and a whole host of others.Are you aware of the hazard warnings of all of this toxic pharmceutical stew that is showing up in sources of drinking water,if it’s in the drinking water think of the concentrations in waters off the West Coast.All,I’ll say again, All treated and non-treated sewage is dumped overboard into the Pacific Ocean along the West Coast of the US.Why do you think there are warnings not to dispose of your drugs down the toilet!
    > Farmland and storm water ALL Drains eventually back to the Ocean.It is a Toxic Stew of Nitrates,Pesticides,Petroleum Derivadives and god knows what other Chemicals.
    > Did you know the high level of Radionuclides and Heavy Metals released during the combustion of Coal.China is the Worlds Largest user/burner of Coal and it’s to produce electrical power (95%) and all the steel the world is buying/using.Forget Fukushima,where do you think the prevailing winds(West To East)takes all of that particulate ash,right over the Pacific Ocean towards the West Coast Of the US.
    (Google:Radionuclides In Coal and read the segments on this)

    The point of this is not to down play the ongoing disaster at Fukushima,because make no mistake,it is a disaster that Japan will be dealing with for the next 50-100years or more.However,the real environmental impact is within a 10-20 mile radius of the Site for now.There is no radiological impact anywhere near the West Coast Of The US.The distance is just too great,the Ocean is just to big,there is just too much water and air between there and here.If you doubt what I’m saying that’s ok.In my opinion if you want to find out what may be effecting the Marine Life off the West Coast,follow-up on the facts I’ve given here and go find yourself a real authority to try to disprove them.One last time,There is no radiation contamination from Fukushima on the West Coast and it is not killing the Pacific Ocean there either.Give some consideration to some real facts then think about it.
    One last Tid Bit,if a Nuclear Power Generating Plant were to(and they don’t) discharge the same amount of Radionuclides coming from the stack of a coal fired 1000mw generator,it would be shut down and the license pulled by the NRC in a heart beat.There are ~600 1,000mw coal burning generators across the US and they are ALL,without exception, spewing Radioactive Fly Ash out across the landscape,24/7,365 days a year,especially concentrated in the Midwest Eastward.

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