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Historic deep freeze across North America conclusively proves global warming is getting worse, right?

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

Global warming is getting worse. It’s so bad now that it has thrust most of North America into an historic deep freeze with plummeting temperatures that haven’t been seen in decades. This is absolute proof that global warming is worsening, and the way I know that is because the same people who told me that record HOT temperature last summer were caused by global warming — “See? It’s really, really hot!” — are now saying that record COLD temperatures are also caused by global warming. “See? It’s really, really cold!”

Global warming, in other words, is climate voodoo. Worshippers of the false science can invoke it to explain any event whatsoever: hurricanes (or lack of hurricanes), tornados (or lack of tornados), too much rainfall or too little rainfall, high temperatures, low temperatures, and basically any event that we used to simply call “weather.”

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1 comment to Historic deep freeze across North America conclusively proves global warming is getting worse, right?

  • Ed_B

    Compared to the problem of global BS, the problem of global warming shrinks to insignificance.

    Fact is, people, the Earth’s climate is ALWAYS changing (it’s dynamic, not static) and for MANY reasons.

    It is the essence of a scientific theory that when known data are plugged into it, the results that have actually occurred are produced. But the global warming theory doesn’t pass this simple test. In fact, it has never passed this test. It continues to produce results that are multiples of the amount of warming that have occurred.

    Of course, the data shows that we have not had ANY global warming during the past 15 or so years. No, none at all. In fact, the Earth now seems to be in a slight cooling trend. It has done this MANY times in the past, so it is nothing to get hysterical about.

    If there is anything on the horizon that seems worthy of some hysteria, surely it is the hundreds of tons of highly radioactive crap that are spewing from the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant into the Pacific Ocean. The ecological repercussions from this will be felt around the world and are far greater than any possible global warming “problem”. I suggest that the global warming alarmists cease the hue and cry over their non-existent problem and get involved in helping fix a REAL problem, for once.

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