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Hillary Readies Her Crash Helmet

by Floyd Brown, Western Journalism:

Three years from today, Barack Obama will be retired, which means America is once again heading into the messy political period known as a presidential campaign.

With that in mind, let me give you a word of caution: Don’t believe the liberal media. They always get it wrong.
The liberal pundits in the mainstream media predicted that Jimmy Carter would be re-elected in 1980. They predicted that John Kerry and Al Gore would both beat George W. Bush. And they predicted that Hillary Clinton would easily outdistance the political novice and freshman U.S. Senator, Barack Obama.
Now, the mainstream media has declared a winner for 2016! They’re preparing for the coronation of Hillary Rodham Clinton, but I think time will prove them wrong.

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1 comment to Hillary Readies Her Crash Helmet

  • Hoser

    I don’t like Slick-Willy but, I understand why he strayed off the Reservation like he did. Hillary is one Psycho Bitch! He should have had her “Suicided” years ago.

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