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Foreign pressure on Ukraine will only make matters worse

from RussiaToday:

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1 comment to Foreign pressure on Ukraine will only make matters worse

  • Z

    Most Westerners, thanks to their state controlled MSM, are clueless about what is going on in (the) Ukraine. No, it’s not called “Ukrainia…”

    This is akin to the “color revolutions” that were held in the Caspian region a few years ago. They got uppity until Putin sent in the troops to swat them. Those were and this is a CIA/Bankster sponsored affair(s). They are pissed because just when they thought Ukraine was going to go over into the Eurozone fold they backed out and sided with Russia.

    I would not be surprised that if things get too far out of hand the President calls upon the Russians for help and they come in and kick some protestor butt..

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