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Here’s Why Obama Will Get A Third Term…

by Dave Merrick, Western Journalism:

There is a strong likelihood that our next president will be the incumbent, Barry Soetoro, or – short of overhauling the 22nd amendment – whatever other liberal candidate the Democrats may produce. We conservatives have pretty much sealed our fate and, if we continue as we have, don’t have a snowball’s chance in perdition of ever again occupying the nation’s chief office. My prediction is just as unpleasant to me as it may be to any of my readers. Nevertheless, those are my sentiments, and I would almost be willing to take bets on the accuracy of my words.

Here is why it will happen …

First off, conservatives have allowed themselves to completely fall asleep at the switch. In our resting on the fantasy that everyone else basically thinks as we do, we went and forgot that the price of freedom really is constant vigilance.

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