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Gold Will Hit New Highs

by David Schectman,

Looking for guarantees?

All I can offer you is a big picture scenario.  Gold is going to sell in the thousands of dollars and you can count on that.  But that does not discount the “possibility” that it could go lower first.  It’s confusing.  But that’s life.

The confusion is caused by faulty data.  The ongoing Release of misleading Official Data by U.S., Chinese and other Major Nations causes distortions in the markets.  Real U.S. GDP is a Negative 1.7%, Real U.S. Inflation at 8.81% and Real U.S. Unemployment is 23.2%.  It’s no wonder that money is flowing out of gold and silver and into the stock market.

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1 comment to Gold Will Hit New Highs

  • Ed_B

    “I offered the thought that the US could unilaterally re-set the price of gold to a much higher number and overnight re-liquefy the system and minimize the pressure of our enormous debt.”

    I offer the thought that the US has NO standing whatever to be revaluing the price of gold. That duty goes to the people who actually have gold and LOTS of it… like the Chinese.

    Revaluing the price of gold will occur, though, and when it does it will be nothing more than a simple dollar devaluation. Suddenly, it will take many more dollars to buy an oz. of gold… and everything else too. This is all part of the grand plan to loot and pillage the entire planet… cheapen the money and use inflation / deflation to whip-saw everyone out of everything. It is as sickening as it is effective.

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