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Gold Manipulation vs Commodity Manipulation

from AltInvestorshangout:

We all know that markets are rigged (including gold). That being said, is there another catalyst that made the gold markets go down. In my opinion, yes. And that’s due to the yen carry trade. Other markets have gone down the past few years: Orange Juice futures, Corn, sugar, and a few other commodities.

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  • Frank Zak

    Houses for sale are at their lows again in Los Angeles
    and asking prices are going up again on my brokers sheets.
    There is little left available to buy. 50% are sold
    all cash. Most get at least one all cash offer.

    Number 1 recommendation by gold bugs at the Kitco conference
    for 2014 was real estate. This included Ron Paul, Kiyosake
    and almost all members.

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