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Writer and researcher Koos Jansen from In Gold We Trust joins us to talk about the shocking developments at the Shanghai Gold Exchange – and the German gold issues, including the statements from Elke Koenig, the president of Germany’s top financial regulator, Bafin who candidly stated last week that “manipulation of precious metals is worse than the Libor-rigging scandal.”

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20 comments to GERMAN GOLD GONE — Koos Jansen

  • One question, Where is all this missing gold at?

  • gryphonv8

    at this point in time does it even matter?

  • rich

    New Warnings From an Investing Pioneer

    Judging by my inbox, that is how a lot of investors feel. U.S. and most international stocks, bonds and real estate are all at least moderately overpriced by historical standards; cash offers a negative return after inflation; and most market pundits have a vested interest in their advice.

    For some forthright suggestions on how investors should think about today’s markets, I turned to investing pioneer Dean LeBaron, one of the most original and open-minded financial thinkers I know of. His motto has long been: “Look for the questions that are not being asked.”

    He suggests following the money–the Chinese money, that is–and investing in Africa, Canada and Mexico. He also likes assets that could benefit if the Federal Reserve’s low-interest-rate policy backfires, such as gold bullion, raw land and inflation-protected bonds.

    What makes Mr. LeBaron worth listening to?

    He warns, “If we are in a transition period, then the person who is in the most danger is the one who has recently done well, because he’s done well on things that are about to change.”

    In Mr. LeBaron’s view, the easy-money policies of central banks, including the Fed, have created what he calls “administrative markets”–in which prices are set at least partly by government policy rather than by market forces.

    But, he worries, that can’t last forever. “In complex systems, the dynamics are predictable but the timing isn’t,” he says. “It’s like adding a grain of sand one at a time to a pile: You can’t tell when it will collapse, but you know it will.”
    He holds the shares directly through certificates in safe-deposit boxes, rather than in electronic form; he thinks it is risky to have “custodial” banks hold electronic securities for safekeeping.

  • Z

    The bulk of the USG Gold holdings (holdings is the correct term but when the Gold was under their control they presumed ownership) left the US back in the two decades between 1950 and 1970.

    Check out this article at the Rockwell site.

    And a good quote for our present predicament: “Sounds pretty much par for the course, if you ask me; but that’s the world we’ve allowed to be created by the governments and central banks of the world while we watch American Idol and football.”

    • Ed_B

      “…but that’s the world we’ve allowed to be created by the governments and central banks of the world while we watch American Idol and football.””

      Bread and circuses. It worked in ancient Rome and it is working in the US today… even if we do call it reality / sports TV and EBT cards.

  • Douglas

    David, the German gold (and probably all the other countries for which the US has been holding gold) and for that matter most of the United States own gold has been leased to buillon banks to control (manipulate) the price. The buillon banks (the same insolvent entities that were rescued in 2008) have sold it over the years and most of it has made its way to Asia. The short answer is that the German’s gold is right now mostly in China and India.

  • Oz's

    & still the gold & silver ” price” goes on

    • Ed_B

      When the Western gold vaults are empty, that price manipulation WILL stop. It will stop because the price of anything is set by those who have it, not by those who do not. Stack gold and silver, people, and hang onto your butts. It’s gonna be a wild ride!

  • This thing is so screwed up now, I don’t know what’s true or not about gold. Is China really acquiring what we hear? One fact is sure, ours is gone and the COMEX is a rigged game. I would bet “the power brokers” have plenty. They know when this is going to end. Oh…. I forgot, they’ll be the ones pulling the plug.

  • andrew james

    The Germans can’t get their Gold. A default has technically occurred and the price hasn’t taken off. A possible explanation for it is that the market is rigged. I don’t know. What comes out faster currency from a printing press or Silver out of a mine?

  • Tom Aumeg

    Re: Impatience for gold to show its true value in the market.

    These guys show their lack of experience investing in undervalued companies with great growth stories, in another time, when that could make you wealthy. It always takes far too long, with price collapses while the fatcats accumulate all they want. Then, when you have likely given up, it runs up like crazy. It’s as old as the existence of exchanges.

  • Ed_B

    Investing intelligently WILL make a person wealthy in ANY time. The thing is, so many people throw money at the market without a clue as to how to invest correctly and then they get surprised when they lose a chunk of their money. Typically, they will then cash out at a substantial loss and forevermore curse “the market” when it is not the market that was the cause of their loss. Like anything else in life, investing requires that we educate ourselves in how it is done, have patience, use dollar cost averaging to build a position, and use good stop loss orders. Generally, following the herd is not a great tactic. If it was, the herd would consist of very wealthy people… and it doesn’t.

  • Cleburne61

    Great interview Sean, and I really appreciate this guest. He’s knowledgeable, classy, but also not prone to making outlandish statements. He remains fact-based, and on target. Great shot in the arm to hear y’all converse. Thanks.

  • We did a recent interview with the owner of the Gold Newsletter.

    He also agreed that the Fed doesn’t have probably ANY gold:

  • Dissolution

    For all of the discussion on this topic, and on the topic of the staggering physical delivery on the SGE, I feel like I haven’t heard much (or any?) talk about WHO is taking delivery in Shanghai. If sovereigns’ gold is disappearing, and bars are being melted and recast before being shipped to HK/China, is it not possible that the same individual entities responsible for the very manipulation/re-allocation/leasing of gold are the BENEFACTORS? eg, they are the ones taking delivery in Shanghai, with all traces of original ownership conveniently erased. Who can take delivery on the SGE?

    Disclaimer: haven’t yet listened to the interview.

  • dol amroth

    hi SGT! you mentioned you were looking for someone to interview with regards to Fukushima. not sure if you follow George Washington’s Blog, but he writes a lot on the subject, does good research, and comes up with a lot of good material. I would love it if you could get an interview with him. Keep up the good work

  • Troy

    I figure when gold is too hard to get your hands on…or too expensive…people will turn toward silver because its so so cheap….imagine a few million wealthy people, and a few million average Joes wanting to invest a portion of their wealth in silver? I would think the physical silver would either dry up very quickly or become very high priced. I still cannot believe I am able to buy an ounce of silver for under $25…in the year 2014!!! Crazy! Food and silver, thats what I’m buying!

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