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Genetic Devolution

by Barbara Peterson, FarmWars:

In this grand experiment that we have been dragged into kicking and screaming by those who would attempt to devise the perfect human, the perfect animal, the perfect plant, by manipulating their basic genetic structure to suit a preconceived design, we are being led by babies in adult diapers who have no understanding of the very things that are crucial in revealing the perfection that is sought.

We are taught in school that practice makes perfect, and in a way, it does. Repetition and rote have their roles. We build muscle by repetition. We learn to write by repetition. But we each do these things differently no matter how much uniformity we attempt to maintain.  We are taught to do the same thing each time in order to produce something that is within uniform parameters. But we will never reach the goal of complete uniformity. It is unattainable. Each repetition is different than the one before it and the one after it. True uniformity does not exist.

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