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Fukushima 100% Out Of Control: Organic Food Rep Drops Radiation Bombshell

from ENE News, via Before Its News:

This breaking story from ENENews sends a very loud and clear warning to all Americans who are paying the least bit of attention to what is going on both in Japan and America due to Fukushima’s radiation. A member of the Board of Directors of a Community Organic Garden warns that not only are they finding radiation from Fukushima in the soil in California BUT it is ALSO being found in the feed that is given to the organically raised chicken and cattle. Knowing the level of thruthfullness we get out of the mainstream media, government AND the food industry in America, who really believes that non-organically raised cattle and chicken ARE NOT being fed radioactive feed, then eaten by Americans? The video report below from kevin blanch shares more on Fukushima which is now 100% ‘out of control’.

Dr. Sherridan Ross, medical doctor, retired professor at University of California – Irvine, member of the Board of Directors at The Compton Community Organic Garden:

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