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Foreign Troops in America: Reality or BS?

by Mark S. Mann, SGT

Hello Friends,

For the last several months I have been reading articles in the alternative media about the presence of foreign troops on American soil. The articles claim that these foreign troops (Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Canadian) are to be used for implementing martial law and seizing the privately owned firearms of American citizens. For the last 20+ years, I have also been hearing about the United Nations Treaty on Small Arms, which if signed by the USA would provide a legal frame work to allow firearms confiscation to take place. This has long been a hot topic in the lame stream media, the alternative media, and among gun rights advocates.

Frankly, I am really getting tired of hearing / reading about this, especially when there is never any hard factual evidence to support many of the claims. To quote the late / great George Carlin: “It’s ALL Bullshit folks…And it’s bad for you!” People have been spun up about the supposed UN Treaty on Small Arms for decades. Has anything ever happened?…NO!.. So why keep talking about it and fear mongering about it, over, and over and over again for decades at a time? People should actually hope that this treaty IS SIGNED! I say this because that will give a solid / realistic legal justification to remove some of the treasonous scum currently in office and put an end to some of the tyrannical behavior of this regime. On August 18, 2012 SGT Report posted an article I wrote about how it would be mathematically and logistically improbable for any military or police force (foreign or domestic) to go door to door and seize weapons. Before you tell me I am wrong, read the article, or please offer some realistic data to refute the data I have presented. Checkout: Gun Confiscation: Fantasy vs. Probability

As for foreign troops being here on American soil, there is nothing really new about this. The US Military is ALWAYS training with foreign troops domestically and internationally. The real question is how large is the exercise, and does it get noticed by the media and the American public or not? There is often some war gaming exercise being conducted here in the USA or around the globe. Some exercises are with our allies, and some are not. You’ve heard the saying “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. The best way to study your enemy is to train with them, and by doing so, you learn about their tactics and capabilities.

Also remember that since the “global war on terror” began over 12 years ago, the US Military has produced several unique training facilities in the continental United States, which are the size of actual cities. Is it possible that these training exercises are being war gamed to prepare our military and foreign military troops to be used against the American people? Anything is possible at this point in time, but the real question should be “how probable is it?” And… how dare we, the people of the United States complain about foreign troops being on our American soil, when we maintain some 300 odd military bases around the planet! The US Military operates on everyone else’s soil conducting military operations and violating the sovereignty of foreign countries with impunity! Now, don’t get me wrong, I am NOT in favor of foreign troops being in the USA for anything more than short term joint training exercises, as long as these troops are confined to military areas. Here is why I am not worried about these troops on American soil, even if they are here with malicious intent:

[Ed. Note: Food for thought… Our friends at The Daily Sheeple posted this video in 2013: DHS Armored Vehicles, Russian DHS Troops with uniforms, Tn.State Militia – K Army/ FEMA Camp?]

1.) Unless at least hundreds of thousands of foreign troops mass in the USA, they will never be a major threat to the American populous. There are MILLIONS of armed US citizens, police, and US Military (vets and active duty) that would literally decimate these foreign troops if the “PTB” attempted to use them against Americans for ANY hostile purpose. This is a FACT.

2.) The United States has one of the largest and most geographically diverse land masses in the world. Good luck locking this country down even with 250,000 troops. It will never happen. There could be a high degree of success on the East and West Coast, and in large urban areas, but it will be very different every place else. It would be a blood bath for these foreign troops.

3.) The might of the US Military could not pacify Iraq or Afghanistan. The Russians were also very unsuccessful in Afghanistan; even though in many aspects of their occupation they were far more brutal then even the US military has been to date. Think about how large of an operation this would have to be and how difficult the logistics would be to make this happen. If we can’t win over there, they could never win here. An occupation of the USA would be ultra-complex compared to an occupation like Iraq or Afghanistan, both of which have failed miserably, even with almost unlimited budgets and resources spanning over a decade of time.

4.) Regardless of what justification is used to implement the use of foreign troops on US soil (false flag, real world event or man-made or natural disaster) the act of using these troops against the American people would be the last straw and final wakeup call for millions of Americans, in much the same way as signing the UN Treaty would be. The harder “the powers that be” push, the more people wake up. The more this happens, the harder it gets.

For those people who would disagree with what I am saying I suggest you contemplate the following points and offer some logical explanations:

1.) The photographic evidence of the supposed foreign troops that has been presented is poor at best. If there were literally “thousands” of troops in specific areas, why is there not better or more numerous photographic and / or video evidence of their existence?

2.) Do you believe that the entire US Military would keep this from the American people? There are isolated reports from US civilians saying that they have seen troops, convoys, vehicles, associated with these foreign troops. I don’t think the entire command level of the US military would allow this to be kept secret. If our own military could not stop this from happening, someone in a credible position of authority in our chain of command would blow the whistle to the existence and location of these troops. I don’t believe the entirety of the US military command infrastructure would be ignorant of the presence of these foreign troops, or that they ALL would be co-conspirators in a plot to use foreign troops against the American people.

3.) If you have literally “thousands” of these supposed troops in the United States, how can they remain undetected if they are stationed or camped, even in a mountainous / remote area? How are they being fed, sheltered and cared for without massive logistics and support? Thousands of people are literally a small city. You can’t put a small city into any area no matter how remote, and have it go completely unnoticed. The world gets smaller every day.

4.) The areas these foreign troops are supposed to be in are the Tennessee & Kentucky mountains. This is interesting because many of the people who populate these areas have little tolerance or regard for outsiders, let alone thousands of foreign military personnel. If this were true, not only would there be an abundance of undeniable evidence of their existence, there would also be widespread inquiry from locals to officials about what these troops were doing in these areas, or there would be outright demand for them to leave!

5.) For those people that say that these foreign troops will be used in the event of an “economic collapse”: Why would they come here if that happened? If there is an economic collapse it would also affect Russia, China, Canada and Japan. Would the USA be sending our troops to these countries if an economic collapse occurred? I don’t think so. If there is an a economic collapse it’s going to be every nation for itself, and no nation is going to spare men and material to enforce martial law in a foreign country, potentially an enemy country located half way around the world, treaty or not. If there is an economic collapse, the probability is that it would be caused by a collapse of the US Dollar, and I doubt these countries would have much interest in assisting the United States if such a scenario unfolded. These countries would have their own issues and problems to deal with, and would be in no shape to spare any resources.

I hear a lot of people talking about the UN Treaty and the use of foreign troops on US soil, but I don’t see any real hard evidence or factual information which supports any of it. I’m not saying it’s impossible for this to happen. I am saying that it’s highly unlikely. Even if a scenario like this did unfold, the chances for it to be a successful operation are very slim. Sometimes I wonder if this is actually being used as a disinformation campaign. Either way, I think we have many other pressing issues currently facing us that are factually legitimate and require urgent attention.

Best Wishes & Stay Safe!
Mark S. Mann

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50 comments to Foreign Troops in America: Reality or BS?

  • Rob

    Nice article,about time we shed a little logic on this unsubstanciated fear topic of some one who talks about it all the time with no proof. First name starts with D.

  • Hannon

    The NYPD can’t contain knock out games in one city with over 34,000 police 🙂

  • jonathan

    Mark S Mann is absolutely right if foreign troops ever went door to door soldiers and policemen all over this country would be part of a mass revolution. The dangerous part of gun grabbing is the baby steps they take to get them away from you but there are so many guns out there already there’s nothing they can do really. The gun owners have already won

  • Tom G.

    Mark- Thank you for another outstanding article! Man,(no pun intended) your points are concise and incontrovertible from my layperson’s perspective. Unless, or until, someone can come along and put a dent in some of your data-points you’ve given us all one less thing to concern ourselves with. Thank you. Good info!

    • mark s mann

      Tom G. Thank you and everyone else for all your support.

      My purpose / intent for writing this was to try and stop some of the fear mongering / misinformation that I think is spreading about this subject. Again, I am not saying this is impossible, but I think its highly improbable.

      If people feel compelled to worry about something, I don’t think this is it.

      Hope you are well.

      Best Wishes,


  • General Ben Partin

    One reason foreign troops come here to train on “our weapons systems” is because defense corporations are trying to sell those weapons to their country. Sweden does the same thing, as does Russia.

  • Jacobson

    So how does it feels to have foreign troops on your soil ?
    Now you know what many people around the world felt when your filthy soldiers arrived to rob some resources in the name of “freedom” .

    Ha .


  • Hoser

    Don’t forget to teach your “Gun/Shooting/Survival” skills to your children. All this means nothing if we don’t pass it down to future generations. I sense the real battle field is the “Phys-Op” in our grade schools across America. Teach your kids how the country/world really works and the dark-forces behind it. I ask my kids everyday what they learned in school and if we need to expound on any topic(s) of their choosing.

    • Jeff

      Hoser I am right there with you on this one. I do exactly as you say and I’m glad to hear there are others making sure the “awakening” gets past down and even better, prevent the poisonous “education system” from taking hold in the first place. My public shooting range welcomes “junior shooters” and the learning that goes on there far exceeds anything “school” can teach them. Cheers!

  • Eric

    It’s far more likely they are here to keep order and detain rioters in a collapse scenario. Here’s a solution… Buy more guns. Lots of guns. Lots of bullets. Sometimes I think all this info comes outs to get the guns back into the hands of the people. Same with gold. Americans forgot what it means to be Americans.

    We’ve already been invaded. Get your communities organized. Easier said than done. Try explaining to a liberal why he should be proficient in skill at arms.

    • “We’ve already been invaded” is absolutely correct. Not with troops, but multinational bankers. Our government stolen, dumbed down population, and buried in debt. We’ve been conquered or damn close to it.

      Try explaining “anything” to 95%+ of the population….. When I try, it’s nothing but blank stares and total disbelief. When this monstrous bubble pops, it will blindside smack to most folks.

  • Rick

    Mark, I like your logic on this matter. Like your article on gold manipulation a while back. TPTB, as most of you folks know, have been up to many criminal things. Like most of you, I don’t trust them as far as I could throw them. Even if only half of what ” D ” says is true, it still would be some very scary stuff. With all that we know has been happening, ( ammo, tanks, etc. ) It sure makes one ask…..WHY ?

  • dan

    Our open borders and the government and UN programs to resettle displaced Islamist here… SHOULD be a major concern for US THEY WALK AMONG US..A….Semper Fi

  • John

    Well thought out. The part that I don’t like:
    1. This smacks of GO TO SLEEP, IT’S OK
    2. The basic underlying premise is “It would have to be such a BIG deception.”
    How big is the deception regarding 9/11, that accelerated the globalist moves?
    3. It completely ignores the concept of Eternal Vigilance.

  • Sandy

    I have not personally seen the foreign troops so I don’t know how many are here and what their intentions are. What I have personal knowledge of is that foreigners are buying up our real estate and infrastructre at bargain basement prices, in massive amounts. Primarily the Chinese , they are currently bulding industrial zones ,ie the 2000 acre zone in Sullivan county NY. If and when a economic restructuring occurs ,perhaps they are looking to protect their investments, not to actually take over the country .

  • Joe Rocket

    Let the author go back to sleep; his arguments are duly noted. We’ll stand guard, as always. He can thank us later.

    • SGT

      He’s just trying to separate quantifiable facts from rhetoric Joe. There’s plenty of endless fear mongering to be had in the alt media, one need only look at the daily postings over at Before its News to understand that. [We post material from them occasionally, but need to be very selective.]

  • guy123

    What is the email for sgt? I was going to forward an interesting article I received today on risk based capital requirements changing for the US CU industry.

  • guy123

    Sounds harmless enough but it seems they are preparing-at least in appearance-for something not known yet. They are also all over us to hit certain thresholds by June this year

    • SGT

      guy, my understanding is that credit unions in this country operate under much tighter restrictions than do the criminal banks with their now out-of-control derivatives and fractional reserve lending. I have a good friend who is the President of a credit union in our area – and if the Wall Street banks had to operate under the same rules as his credit union, they would need to declare bankruptcy today. The norms mentioned in this article could never be enforced on Wall Street banks, it’s too late – they’re too far gone.

      • guy123

        Actually, CUs have been given the green light to take part of the derivative mess and get it all inter-connected. I agree with you to a point but CUs are quickly coming in-line w banks-there are some monster CUs out there and this spells more consolidation is on the way. I am the CEO of a small CU and don’t really trust CUs anymore. You can likely get better service and expect to not blatantly be screwed by the smaller CUs but it is all connected. CUs park all your deposits w a Corp CU who in turn parks all those funds in a large bank. A small CU is definitely a better choice but not safer. Our regulators seem to be fixated on the end of Q2 this year but they sure are not telling anyone why. I am taking a wild guess that your friend is the President of a small CU but I may be wrong. I get strange looks for my beliefs from my peers but I really don’t care anymore. CUs are just as much a part of the problem as any other lender at this point and I pray to get out of this worthless profession soon and may God forgive me for taking part in this evil scheme.

        • SGT

          Really? That’s news to me – I’ll ask my President buddy. We just talked about this recently and he said his CU requires one dollar in the vault for every dollar they lend. No kidding, that’s what he said.

  • mark s mann

    Joe Rocket, John and Rick:

    Thanks for reading and commenting. I think you may have missed the boat a little here.
    If you think that l let my guard down or I am sleeping or that I am not being “vigilant” you are way off and I think you have some confusion about the proper definition of exactly what
    ” being vigilant” means. In order to be Effectively vigilant one must be able to properly identify and prioritize specific threats. It does not mean you react to every single possible stimlius or half baked story, like its an urgent / immediate and imminent threat. Proper vigilance means that you do not go off half cocked based on little or no facts and information. Ever hear of the OODA Loop?
    I suggest you do some research on this concept. You can thank me later. Best wishes.

    • Rick

      Mark, I be thanking you now. I thank God that there are guys like yourself and Sean. SGT and Liberty Mill are my main source for alternative news. May God bless your lives richly. Thumbs up !

      • mark s mann

        Hey Rick,

        Many thanks for your kind words and support. Regardless of what we believe about this topic, I am thankful that we have a forum of like minded , intelligent, caring people, who take the time to share thoughts and ideas. I have some of my own selfish reasons for doing what I do here, but the bottom line is really I do want to help people: People like all of you! We may not always agree on things, but the fact that we are engaged in conversation about these issues says a lot about the quality of people who frequent this forum. Thanks for your support!

    • John

      Just making sure the powder stays dry Mark!
      May God bless us ALL!

  • Rainmaker

    Mark, I like your article and your facts, but I hate to say it, I strongly disagree. Unlikely? That’s like saying its unlikely that all the gold could be stolen from Fort Knox. Or that 2 planes could fly into the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center and that 3 buildings would be destroyed and 13 years later there would still be raging debate regarding what happened. Or that China could EVER overtake the US as the worlds largest goods trader. Or that Marxists could infiltrate the executive offices of the United States of America. Or that the NSA would collect every email and phone call in the entire USA AND the World and store them indefinitely. Or that the USA could get 17 trillion dollars in debt. Again, highly unlikely. The purpose of the last 20 years of hearing about the United Nations Treaty on Small Arms is to get you used to the idea, to change your paradigm, and to have you indicate how its highly improbable. That’s why topics like gun confiscation, the Dollar collapse and Martial Law (and so many more) are now discussed daily in our society. So that we (and our children) get used to the idea. To change our realities. At the very least, confiscation is certainly more probable NOW than it was 20 years ago.

    • mark s mann

      Rainmaker thanks for reading and commenting. You are talking about actual / factual documented historical events with hindsight and comparing them to gross speculation with little or no factual evidence of any kind. The events you are speaking about have already happened and hindsight is always 20/20. This is a much different matter al ltogether. Anyone that has disagreed on this thread has not provided a single fact or shred of evidence or data of any kind that would justify all the fear mongering associated with this topic. As for the U.N. Treaty I said that I have been hearing about it for over 20 years but it has been around since the early 1960’s before I was even born. Everyone has an opinion and they are entitled to it. Mine is based on facts logic and probability. If people want to prioritize this as a realistic threat based on the shoddy evidence given to support these claims go for it. Its your head. Best wishes Rainmaker!

      • Rainmaker

        Mark, I appreciate your response, even more your tone. We don’t have to agree and the debate is what makes this forum valuable. BTW, I reread your article Gun Confiscation: Fantasy vs. Probability. Please permit me to respond. First, none of my examples are actually documented fact. Perhaps conjecture or opinion, certainly nothing that could be definitively proven, except maybe that the Chinese have surpassed the US in trade. No one knows if there is any gold in Ft Knox or not but it has not been audited for 60 or so years and Germany probably thinks there is no gold in Ft Knox. We all know that something happened in NY on 9/11, but none know what actually happened, why and by whom and any that question the directed historical meme are labeled nut jobs. Fact is that the Patriot Act was born and so was a new American Military Imperialism seeking to institute “The War on Terror”. The DHS was born out of 9/11 and that group has labeled Veterans, Christians, Truthers, Ron Paulers etc. at potential domestic terrorists. DHS also oversees the TSA, has militarized our Law Enforcement, provided grants for 2,700 MRAPS or so and ordered billions of rounds of ammo as well as cornering the market on long-term storable food stuffs. Fact or conjecture, who know? Are Marxists in the White House? Or the Judiciary and Congress or a majority of the populace? I dunno, I guess that’s opinion. Has the NSA collected every email and phone call and other data over the last 10 years. I dunno. I have no idea how indepth the INTEL agencies and the Pentagon or how they are behaving (except that it’s not good) I suspect Snowden and Assange might be plants, Greenwald too for that matter. The construction of Bluffdale is probably a fact. OK, I’ll stop. I can agree with you that it is possible but highly unlikely. I am going to pass on answering your first 4 points, even though I could make plausible arguments. We could agree that our military has been greatly weakened, a large majority of our active duty soldiers are not on our soil, our best military leaders are being purged in large numbers for some reason and out Law Enforcement seems to be more out of control than ever before. I will address point 5 however. Why would they be here? Could they have demanded a presence or could they have been invited? Perhaps to oversee their property/collateral? The question is, WHAT COULD THAT BE? I will close with this. My wife when listening to me blather around said, “they don’t have to confiscate weapons, they can limit ammunition (that’s been and is being done). They could limit food, water, fuel and/or power and there would be no resistance to confiscation. Matter of fact, confiscation might even be voluntary.” I married a pretty smart girl.

        Keep up the good fight Mark. We need more like you for certain.

  • Naskoda

    Something is being planned, and it is big. Here is a fact. Sign makers here in BC have made up thousands of signs which read MARTIAL LAW. A sign maker told us these signs were to be shipped out of the country, but wouldn’t say where.

  • junglee monk ee

    I appreciate the intelligence Mark. I tend to agree with it. Thanks for sharing!

    I believe what we are experiencing is the threat of violence, intentionally to create fear. The intention, I believe, is to weaken our understanding of the appropriate use of force or to romanticize hate and violence. Remember force (not violence)is acceptable for self defense and the protection of our families ONLY. We are being conditioned to accept violence and force by such things as multiple police (on steroids?) beating helpless victims who are already subdued, and racially hate motivated youth knocking innocent people to the ground, which is actually a hate crime, but called something else. This is supported by violent games and sports. My visiting 8 year old nephew was recently able to access a $55 cage fight video from Time Warner, with a careless touch of a single remote button. That was pretty eye-opening for several reasons. When one of the local “churches” (which is apparently not really Christian) has a fight-night, you wouldn’t believe how many cars are parked there.

    Nothing would please the evil adversary more that for us to give in to violence from fear, hate, or an appreciation for it, and to use violence offensively. That would give the would-be controllers the apparent moral high ground to react with even more extreme violence. The hidden message is: hate those foreigners(?), is violence the problem or solution(?), lets be afraid! Of course this is completely logically wrong and un-Christian to boot.

    I believe that the false flags are intended to spur violence and fear. It’s time to mann-up (sorry mis-spelling) and keep our fingers off from the “evil button”. Violence only begets more violence, like unending wars, that only cause a country to eventually go broke, and many to suffer from violence.

  • Harvey Wallbanger

    Thanks for that voice of reason Mark. As a Canadian I have been disturbed, angered and offended by the rhetoric of people like Dave Hodges whose common sense show demonstrates anything but common sense. The thought of Canada being part of an invading force and confiscating your guns in absurd. Our military is modest even for a nation one 10th the size of the USA and we have no empires to oversee or control. Since we don’t have a defense budget in the trillions of dollars we can actually provide universal health care to our population. Our military would be hard pressed to put down an uprising in a major city let alone cross your border in an offensive move to confiscate your guns. If anyone studies Canadian history you would read of the French nationalist terrorism that occurred in the early 70’s where kidnappings, bombings and murders took place. Our prime minister sent in the Army but the soldiers were under orders to keep their weapons unloaded and were only issued 1 bullet that they were to keep in their pockets. They wanted to paint an image of authority and control but didn’t want any bloodshed or escalation to take place. My son in-law is active duty Canadian army, a sergeant and quartermaster and goes to the USA several times a year for training and joint maneuvers. He just came back again this week from Eastern WA. If I had ever asked him if we were preparing to be part of an invading force to confiscate Americans weapons he would be concerned that I was having some psychiatric issues. Lighten up guys, you are your own worst enemies by buying into this nonsense. Incidentally until such a time as you guys get your country back for your fascist overlords I have no desire to visit your country even though I have family in California and Minnesota.

  • Joe Rocket

    Mark- I owe you an apology; my comment was a grumpy morning flippant remark that you didn’t deserve. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of your article and while I may not agree with it in its entirety, I owe it to myself, you and all fellow citizens to at the very least investigate some of the topics in it with a more studious bent. And I shall. I stand corrected, at least until I know better of which I speak.

    • Mark S Mann

      Joe Rocket, No apology necessary Brother. I got you to think about this from a different angle. Mission accomplished! I am not saying I am 100% right. I am just saying the threat matrix we all have to deal with is full of some pretty nasty shit.

      WE ALL need to help keep each other straight and level headed in our assessment of these threats. The reality is one of the reasons why WE all hang out here is because we are looking for HIGH QUALITY info so we may best deal with and prepare for those Possible threats.

      I think the alternative media needs to do a little better job of not sensationalizing and fear mongering about various topics, this one included.

  • Ed_B

    “I have also been hearing about the United Nations Treaty on Small Arms, which if signed by the USA would provide a legal frame work to allow firearms confiscation to take place.”

    No, actually, it would not. NO treaty of ANY kind supersedes the US Constitution. The USC is the supreme law of the land.

    • Mark S Mann

      Yes, Ed_B…..I agree with you. Which is why I said people should hope that it IS signed.Signing it is unconstitutional, and according to the Constitution would be treason, which is a lawful and legal reason /justification to be arrested, tried, removed from office jailed or executed.

  • Jayber

    Mark, good article. While I keep an open mind re. the possibility of foreign troops being used on US soil and often wonder WTF is going on in situations such as inviting future belligerents into NORAD for “training” (which is not normal cross-training) and the large-scale purchase of common Russian/Chinese ammo during a time of so-called ‘tight budgets’, there are three things that have always made it improbable in my view, and which you also touched on:

    1) There’s no good photographic evidence of anything outside the bounds of normal training, when if it was real, you’d expect a back-woods boy (or girl…or SOMEONE) to have obtained such proof;

    2) Any use of foreign troops as outright aggressors would be…well, lets call it a Bad Idea in the light of millions of armed citizens and permanent residents; and,

    3) Logistics alone makes it nearly impossible unless tens of thousands of personnel have indeed been built up here already (again, there’s no photographic or video proof) and they are supplied from domestic sources. Planes and ships can only carry so much.

    Do I think it’s impossible? No. But there are other, verified things that are more worthy of our notice until such time as this topic moves into the ‘verified’ category. Still…it wouldn’t hurt to have some firearms that can handle said foreign rounds, nor would it hurt to become active in returning National Guard troops back home where they belong.

  • Dissolution

    “An occupation of the USA would be ultra-complex compared to an occupation like Iraq or Afghanistan”

    I’m wondering if this premise would still apply under the conditions of an economic collapse and/or a power grid failure, in addition to access to 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition.

    Anyone care to speculate?

  • Joe Rocket

    Perhaps our resident traitors-in-office are so enthusiastic to have foreign troops cross-train with us because then they don’t have to rely on bringing their own equipment with them. I’m not saying there are multitudes of them here, hiding in the woods or plain site, but think about how much easier an incursion into our space would be if you were guaranteed that the equipment and munitions you needed would be available AND you already had mastered its operation.

  • petah

    I don’t care about foreign troops, yes it could happen. They would stand no chance out west! I need pple who want the fight brought back to the New york FED., we start there. Foreign troops would be decimated by the american pple unless supported, like previously stated by our own gov. and DHS. Thank you Mark very revealing link/article I did not know pple even feared this we can never let the internet be controlled by GOV. very enlightening but something i will as a patriot not give a second thought to.

  • Donald

    Burton’s Legal Thesaurus:
    Profits–> earnings, income.

    Income–> Business profits, value received.

    The deception:
    When we labor, we ‘create’ value, we do not “receive” value.

    Since we create value, our paycheck is NOT income.
    Our paycheck does NOT pre exist!
    We work to create it.

    But they have us believing a laborer’s paycheck is “income” (value received) but is not.
    This allows them to tax us on our labor the same way they tax Businesses on their profits (income).

    By CAPITALIZING our name on paper, gives the appearance of each of us being an individual Business, not a natural individual.
    This would explain how they attach the word “income” to the value created by our labor. Because we appear as an individual Business making profits, not as an employee who labors to create a paycheck.

    When title company records homeowner’s Deed at local courthouse recordation office…it allows the State to “lease” the land the homeowner purchased…. back to the homeowner, charging homeowner ground rent (property tax) and other taxes meant for Businesses (refer to SDAT office).

    On loan app, homeowner is listed as “occupant”.
    Occupants occupy space at the place they conduct Business.(similar to renting the Building you work at your occupation)

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