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False Flag City

by Zen Gardner,

Have you ever wondered how they can pull off these massive staged media driven stunts and so few seem to notice what’s really going on? Look at the Boston bombing or Sandy Hook. There are more inconsistencies than you can name, yet nothing contrary to the official narrative is allowed to be introduced into the news stream.

Unless of course it’s derogatory of anyone challenging the party line.

They’ll usually give a token acknowledgement of the “other side” and then move on so people figure that was covered and accounted for.

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2 comments to False Flag City

  • Z

    “what’s really going on?” For starters let’s go with mass mind control by the introduction of establishment memes via the media… and I will include the so-called “alternative media” because they are easily baited, have gullible followers and unproven allegiances. Their listeners have abandoned the MSM outlets and tend to trust them. One of the latest pieces of chum that has been tossed out is “Clinton vs. Bush in 2016 for president” Who says it has to be those two people? But the seed has been planted in your minds and will be watered by subsequent supporting copy until you begin to think that the only viable candidates for the next president are the usual suspects. If you strive for a better world then go live your lives and quit reading all of this drivel that is designed to distract you from the real truth.

  • MRH

    So, what is the “real truth” as you see it? We, at SGT Report, make a valiant effort on a daily basis to deliver truth. Not sure why you are attacking us. We present the stories and allow the readers to make up their own minds. You made the above comment and then attached a link to a video–that I personally posted yesterday at 10:07am CST. A mere 71 people decided that it was worthy of their time, while the story you are basically calling BS has already received 64 reads. Not sure what the problem is.

    If the “so-called alternative media”…”is easily baited, has gullible followers and unproven allegiances”, why are you here? Are you gullible and easily baited? Why are you not watching MSNBC or ABC or any of the other “proven” media outlets that will be happy to fill your head with the latest on the Kardashians, the Superbowl or any number of infotainment stories your heart desires.

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