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Facebook sued for alleged monitoring of users’ private messages


Social media giant Facebook is being sued for the alleged monitoring of its users’ private messages in order to gather more consumer data that it in turn shares with marketers.

A federal lawsuit filed Thursday in San Jose, California alleges that Facebook traces the contents of users’ private messages, including links to other websites, “to improve its marketing algorithms and increase its ability to profit from data about Facebook users,” The Los Angeles Times reported.

A link to another site is read as a “like” of that website. The information contributes to a comprehensive profile on the user’s activity that is collected by Facebook and that eventually becomes material for targeted advertising, the lawsuit claims.

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1 comment to Facebook sued for alleged monitoring of users’ private messages

  • sam

    This is definitely happening! I was talking to a friend on Facebook about learning Spanish & the next day I start getting ads for Rosetta Stone and pimsleur…alongside the array or “come work for DHS” ads I always get…I hadn’t ever publicly said anything about learning a new language.

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