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Everyone’s #1 Fear? Public Speaking… Even For Hollywood Director Michael Bay

[Ed. Note: For most people, discussing what you do for a living and talking about a cool new Samsung TV wouldn’t lead to panic, but then again, most people aren’t Michael Bay.]

from Jonny Troche:

Michael Bay panics onstage at 2014 CES when… his teleprompter fails.

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3 comments to Everyone’s #1 Fear? Public Speaking… Even For Hollywood Director Michael Bay

  • Andy

    For anyone who has suffered with panic attacks you will know this situation is your worst nightmare. I really feel for this poor guy, and no one should judge him for it. It is the most debilitating illness which leads to self doubt and living in constant fear.
    If Michael Bay is reading this he should seek help through NLP this is by far the best and most effective cure I found.
    Nothing else gets close, so I wish you better Michael, and hope you find an answer to it.

  • Eric B

    Surest sign of a megalomaniac I like how it started out with ” I make AWESOME images that you mere mortals aren’t capable of creating ” how about saying…..I live in a world of Phonies and we regurgitate crap intended to steer and pacify the unwashed masses into submission and spending. I live in a town fast becoming a 3rd world city with air pollution as bad as Mexico City……….

    • frank

      exactly….spot on Eric! Funny when these phonies are reading their BS, they walk and talk like they are mighty kings over us lesser peons, but when they actually have to be themselves, when they are forced to be genuine, they crumble like the weaklings and hypocrites they truly are.

      I have had trouble with public speaking, it sucks, but you know what, you power through it, be honest that you are a little nervous and the crowd will love you for it.

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