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EPA Bypasses Congressional Ruling and Seizes Wyoming Land

from Off Grid Survival:

In another blatant abuse of power by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the agency has seized the town of Riverton, Wyoming handing it over to the Wind River Indian Reservation.

The EPA, who has been asserting its power by seizing land across the country, has again unconstitutionally stuck its hands into State affairs, this time claiming it has the power to take an entire town. According to the Daily Caller, three government agencies, the EPA, the Department of Justice and the Department of Interior worked together to steal Wyoming land, which it then turned over to the Wind River Tribe.

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead is petitioning the EPA to reverse its decision, and says he will not accept the government’s order.

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1 comment to EPA Bypasses Congressional Ruling and Seizes Wyoming Land

  • Ed_B

    Perhaps the State of Wyoming should grab some federal facilities in Wyoming and give them to the Indians? Turnabout being fair play and all that.

    Yes, EPA seems to be envious of the rogue status of BATF is doing all they can to close the tyranny gap that exists between these two “agencies”. IMO, EPA ha WAY over-stepped their authority and desperately needs to have their funding cut in half. Perhaps with fewer resources, EPA could actually get back to monitoring the environment and helping to set pollution standards.

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