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Dying Sea Life May Point to Fukushima Instead of Global Warming

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

A report from the National Academy of Sciences made the observation that the percentage of the ocean floor covered by decomposing organisms had increased from 1% coverage to 98% coverage — the highest in the 24 years they had been observing. They tried to correlate the findings to global warming. However, since data for the past 17 years shows no global warming despite a record increase in CO2, global warming is not the cause of the observed increase.

Climate alarmists tried to “debunk” our report by saying that the dramatic increase in dead organisms was only a local observation at one station. If that were true, then why would it argue for GLOBAL warming as the NAS paper concludes? Actually the report said

“The major increase in activity of deep-sea life in 2011 and 2012 WEREN’T LIMITED to Station M, though: Other ocean-research stations REPORTED SIMILAR DATA.” [emphasis mine]

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