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by Sapo, Survival Blog:

What happens when your world is turned on end and everything you have planned for in life is now null and void. A little background of what I can say about who I am or was. Without being specific I will say that I used to be a government contractor doing things that I won’t discuss. Needless to say I have a tainted view on life and what I believe is coming down the pike. This has majorly shaped the way I prepare and with what. Due to this previous life, big changes in my health, and many other things, my world has now changed and this is what I want to discuss.

I used to be the person that would jump out of perfectly good airplanes, rappel down and climb mountains, scuba dive, hike, camp, and a whole lot of other very physical activities. I am the type of person that often finds himself in the middle of an emergency or disaster either helping with it, surviving it, or… the cause of it. “Accident prone” is really a good definition of my life. So, learning about emergency preparedness has been a life survival tool for me personally. To say I have had a fair share of issues is an understatement. To mention a few, I have been shot and stabbed multiple times, gassed, radiated, majorly burned several times, electrocuted, broken just about every bone in my body at least once, and so on.

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