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Did the Bundesbank get even a little of its original gold back?

by Chris Powell, GATA:

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Correspondence between the German financial journalist Lars Schall and Germany’s Bundesbank suggests that the small amount of gold the Bundesbank claims recently to have repatriated from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York was not returned in the form in which it was deposited many years ago — that, indeed, the original German gold was not and is not available to be returned because something undisclosed was done with it.

Schall’s correspondence with the Bundesbank is appended along with a statement by Peter Boehringer of the German Precious Metal Society and a leader of the movement in Germany seeking repatriation of the country’s gold supposedly vaulted abroad, who raises questions the Bundesbank has yet to answer.

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3 comments to Did the Bundesbank get even a little of its original gold back?

  • MoFo

    I have said this before. Germany is FED UP with the Euro. Look for Russia in this…it shouldn’t take long

  • Joe

    You know, these articles are useless if you can’t direct the rest of the article to it’s constituent part. This article; when clicking on the “continue reading” link, brings me to an article about China claiming the US is suppressing gold? wTF is going on here? This is not the first time I’ve noticed this happening to your articles, perhaps cleaning it up will get you more readers.

    • MRH

      Sorry about that Joe–it has been updated. I understand your frustration and will do a better job in the future. Thank you for your patient and understanding. MRH

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