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COMEX December Contract DEFAULT — Andy Hoffman

from SGT

Andy Hoffman from Miles

The COMEX is one very bad joke. And technically speaking, the Comex is in DEFAULT on the December contract… and the whole world knows it.

Enough said.

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27 comments to COMEX December Contract DEFAULT — Andy Hoffman

  • glitter 1

    Sean and Andy,
    Good stuff,pertinent and up to date.Love hearing it,it buttresses confidence that we continue on the right path.Appreciate your faithfulness and tireless efforts to keep the light shining.It’s good night from the graveyard shift till next time!

    • SGT

      Hey glitter, thanks man – we all recognize that the manipulation theme is getting long in the tooth but the facts remain the facts, so these updates with quantifiable info are always worth a listen for those who aren’t too worn out yet. The end will most certainly come, sooner or later.

  • Troy

    I live in southern Minnesota, and the amount of jobs around here seem to be pretty good. …seems Minnesota, Iowa, North and South Dakota have jobs, but not many people like the winters!

  • Joe

    It doesn’t matter if the COMEX is in an unofficial default or even if they had ZERO ounces of gold on their dealers side because they can fudge numbers whenever they want. Until the clients who own gold in the COMEX vaults “DEMAND” their gold to be delivered into their own hands and removed from the COMEX vaults, nothing will change in this game these banks play. In fact, I dare say; even if there were ZERO ounces in either eligible or non eligible vaults these banks would still be falsifying the numbers to make it look like they had gold and simply settle out with fiat as their prospectus states they can. This game with the COMEX is the biggest ruse yet, and most still don’t realize it. It’s a price discovery exchange, not a gold delivery exchange and any gold they might need to deliver can be side stepped by giving fiat in loo of any gold that was required to be delivered. All the banks need to do is off a substantial premium to anyone asking for physical gols and have them sign a wavier to not disclose they recieved cash only and to keep the game going for as long as you need to.

    • Joe, I’m afraid you’re correct. ALL the numbers are fudged. Every “official” release should be considered a lie, because they are.

      Gold/Silver hold a “real” value. They are the enemy of the bankers’ fiat currency and “must” be suppressed.

      These are interesting times. When this thing blows, it will become one of the greatest events in the history of man. For better or worse, we get to see it happen.

      • Dan C

        Mark, I am really afraid that when this thing blows, the psychopaths will do something to destroy much of our country while they move into their underground complexes for a few years until the dust settles.

      • Ed_B

        “Gold/Silver hold a “real” value. They are the enemy of the bankers’ fiat currency and “must” be suppressed.”

        Indeed but is it not ironic that those who try to suppress gold and silver only succeed in lowering prices so that we who understand their value can buy more. Asians are not impressed by these bankster antics and are backing up the trucks at every possible opportunity. This looks a lot like someone threatening someone else by saying that they will bleed all over them.

  • The Truth

    Just read a article on MSN..LOL! They said that China is No. 5 in holdings and: China

    Official gold holdings: 1,054.1 tonnes

    Percent of foreign reserves in gold: 1.2 percent.

    Wow talk about brainwashing the sheep. This is the kind of stuff we get from the Main Stream Whore Media. They claim that No. 1: United States

    Official gold holdings: 8,133.5 tonnes

    Percent of foreign reserves in gold: 71.7 percent.

    I have to laugh at these lies because if the US has 3000 tons of Germany’s gold then their official number is quite smaller. What’s even more is this article shows that the gold around the world has not really been updated for years upon years now. The US holdings are the same as they were in 1971, no changes at all. Talk about farce! Plus did China not add like 100 tons a month in the past 24 mths? This is the Lies and manipulation we have to deal with.

    Here is the A$$-tickle:

    • Owl

      Here is some good insight to consider.

      “Independent thinking is an excellent way to get fired, demoted or sent to Siberia. Though America claims to value independent thinking, this is just another pernicious lie: what America values is the ability to mask failing conventional ideas and systems with a thin gloss of “fresh thinking.””

      Remember: most of what is called “news” is actually propaganda. And for Mr. Glitter, you have never commented on my response to your idiotic statement that 99% of the American people are incapable of understanding the information about Fukushima even if it was given to them…

      • Owl

        Your words…

        glitter 1
        January 12, 2014 at 11:57 pm · Reply

        Of course the NRC knew what happened in 2011. If they tried to explain the technicals you and 99% of the Public would not comprehend it or believe it anyway. This is not some big Governement Conspiracy or Cover-up. It’s real life reality at Fukushima. If you haven’t worked in the Nuclear Navy or at a Nuclear Facility/power generating station,you et al will never have a true appreciation/understanding for what is going on there.

      • glitter 1

        I didn’t realize there was a question asked.
        > The staement is quite clear,if you haven’t been/worked on a Nuclear Powered vessel or been in/through,worked in a Nuclear Power Power Plant,then you can not comprehend/have an appreciation for the complexity/magnitude of the machine/technology.
        > You and the other commentor intimated that one can’t believe any official reporting on Fukushima,they are/will cover it all up/lie anyway.
        > My statement that 99% of the Plublic would not understand or comprehend a technical response from the NRC is still valid.
        > Have you been in the Nuclear Navy on a Nuclear Powered Vessel,i.e.Sub,Carrier,Destroyer?
        > Have you ever worked in a Nuclear Powered Generating Facility or even walked through one? If the answer is no,then you are among the > 99% that have no idea or comprehension what it’s like,which I believe is a fair assessment.
        > I don’t know what your field of expertise/occupation is,law of averages says part of the >99%.
        > I just retired with 31+years from an older,but similar design GE Reactor and I have an intimate knowledge/understanding of how it/they work.I’ve been under the Reactor Vessel,I’ve been in the Reactor Cavity looking into the Reactor Vessel,I’ve operated the 100 Ton crane and processed the 90 ton cask with nuclear fuel in and out of the Spent Fuel Pool on the 119’Level Refuel Floor.For 31 years I belonged to the Emergency Response Team where we performed Drills to train/test for a potential accident scenario.I believe my experience(s)qualifies my insightful comment and all of the comments I’ve provided over the last two years on this site.My intent is not to belittle or attack anyone’s intelligence.I’m just stating the facts as I know them.

      • Ed_B

        But then, we all understand that they really aren’t seeking independent thought but agreement and obedience.

  • Dana

    I would like to hear why Jesse is saying …..

    ”This is not a default scenario since the supply of eligible gold in the warehouses remains adequate and at historically manageable levels as shown in the last chart below.”

  • Hondo Stalwart

    The comex has the ‘legal’ right to settle in cash. Comex will never default. Ya’ll are too funny!

  • Troy

    Anyone listen to the Don Harold/Bill Murphy conversation on the new Day Trade Show video on YouTube. Both seem to agree that we are headed towards a big move up in both gold and silver this year. Interesting. I’m not done with my silver stacking goal, so, if it does happen, hopefully it can wait for 10 or so months. I need around 300 more ounces to meet my goal. I like paying $20 something….I don’t want to pay $50 something for silver…thats for sure!

    • Ed_B

      You got it, Troy, same here. I just ordered the last 300 ozs. I need to establish my complete silver stash. Now, all I need is 10 ozs. of gold and I will be all set. This is only possible because I am NOT paying $50 an oz. for silver or $2000 an oz. for gold. 🙂

  • John

    Great interview SGT! Andy Hoffman has a great gut feel for the markets. He sees right through the insanity of calling for moves in silver, ala David Morgan, from $20 to $25, and then to $50 in a year or two, blah, blah, blah. Andy knows the move in silver will be historic, explosive, and decisive in a very short period of time when that day arrives. And when its gone, its gone, Jack.

    BTW, Sean, thank you for making this interview available on your site FOR FREE. Andy’s colleague, Bill Holter, just so happened to do a podcast on another site tonight but you have TO PAY MONEY to listen to it. Love SGTREPORT and I do not take it for granted.

    • Tom G.

      Very level-headed interview. Thank you Sean and Andy. I also, like John (above) thought it was refreshing to see Andy refrain from making any price predictions in the short term time frame.

      Excellent point by Andy about how CNN has most of their viewership by institutions having their TVs on that station. I would never have thought of that. Yes, CNN probably has about 6 people at any one time watching their show.

      Good point SGT about why we haven’t heard anything about the FED’s anniversary.

      Thank you guys. PS- I’m glad someone else is watching the 10yr besides me.

      • Ed_B

        “PS- I’m glad someone else is watching the 10yr besides me.”

        LOL! Tom, EVERYBODY watches the US 10-year number! It is, in fact, THE most watched number on planet Earth. 🙂

  • billybob


    Can we get a downloadable podcast for SGT/The Liberty Mill reports? This will work:


  • Hman

    Thanks SGT for the excellent interview, 2014 is the year for PM’s to rebound with high probability.

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