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Christie the Bully? Yep.

by Mark S. Mann, SGT Report:

Please observe the rude, arrogant and disrespectful behavior that the governor of NJ embarrassed himself with earlier this week. I would love to see this fat slob call anyone (let alone a Navy SEAL) an “idiot” or a “jerk” without the protection of his NJ State Police body guards and his private security.

Without his guards (2) things on the large list this fat slob would be eating are #1.) His words… and #2.) A nice knuckle sandwich.

The vast and overwhelming majority of these politicians (not just this fat slob) have ZERO respect for their constituents and this is a perfect example of how they talk down to people. How many of them would act in this disgusting manor without the safety net of their guards and private security? This is a disgrace, and unfortunately now a common occurrence. I am completely revolted by things like this.

The arrogance of the political class grows by the day, and they have no fear, and no respect for the people they are supposed to be “serving”. Here’s an article from Yahoo worth reading.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s opponents have repeatedly accused him of being a bully, but never before have they had such a dramatic example to try to make their point. Read the rest @

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20 comments to Christie the Bully? Yep.

  • monica

    read the article…i concur – christie is a fat slob.

  • Hannon

    In all fairness, “fat slob” is actually kind words for this poor excuse of a human being, but I understand that you have to keep it some what clean. People like this is the reason why dueling needs to be legalized again, back in our founders days, this type of behavior would’ve been solved by swords or pistols.

  • Eric

    Calling someone names is a cowards way out of having to form a reasonable argument for debate.

    • mark s mann

      Eric….you can call people names all you want and not be a coward. What makes you a coward is talking shit about people and hiding behind armed guards. Never have your mouth write checks your body can’t cash. If you have the balls to say something have the balls to answer for it.

      • Eric

        Mark… Yes you can call people names but my point is that is not an argument. I was referring to the way Christie calls someone an idiot or stupid rather than answer the question by forming a well thought out argument based on logic and reason. Liberals do it all the time.

        I wasn’t referring to you article labeling him a bully which he clearly is. That is a reasonable adjective. Fat slob? Well obviously. But that doesn’t aid in his bullying tactics.

        We shouldn’t be surprised. After all, he is part of the Sabbatean P2 lodge Bush Nazi faction.

        • SGT

          Not only is he a “bully”, he’s a gun grabber, which makes Christie a New World Order bought-and-paid for pig. Why do you think he made the cover of TIME with the headline ‘The BOSS’? Though, with that said, the NWO would prefer Hillary in 2016 because she’s top tier NWO.

          • jonathan

            You’re definitely right about their strategy SGT. They use this ‘Good Cop Bad Cop’ technique with politicians all the time. That’s why Romney got on the ticket and not the Great Dr Paul. Dr Paul would have made Obama look like a Corporatist piece of shit. The bright spot here is that they are so pathetic they can’t even come up with a more complex strategy than this. It’s easier to take don pathetic loser Fascists than it is innovative, dynamic Fascists.

          • jonathan

            I meant it’s easier to take down pathetic loser Fascists than it is to take down innovative dynamic Fascists. But in reality if they were innovative and dynamic they would be free market Libertarians not Fascists.

  • Hoser

    Chris Christie is a big fat NOBODY! PERIOD!

  • dan

    His weight has nothing to do with his politics….He is a poster child for the NWO and their total disrespect for all things held scared by USA citizens……imho

    • jonathan

      ‘His weight has nothing to do with his politics’ TRUE but if you look at the old drawings of the Fascist, Corporatist, Aristocrats from the 1800’s the Capitalist Pigs they called them. Chris Christie is a real life manifestation of the drawings from the 1800’s

  • Gary

    Chrispy Kreme’s real purpose is distraction. The majority of people don’t know what’s going on economically. Whose’s the spy who fled to the Soviet Union? Something about Madoff and a fine? How about the UnAffordable Careless Act? Chrispy Kreme is the distraction for the masses. He took over Zimmerman’s job.

  • Jeff

    Gary is right. This is a distraction from the daily collapse we are all living through. I am no fan of the fat boy and I have the unfortunate pleasure of being ruled by his fatness since I live in this fascist state of NJ but this is all being played out so we don’t look at what the right hand is doing.

  • Freeman

    Greetings, Sean:

    If you want a more active comments section, why is SGT blocking certain IP addresses from commenting? I’m not talking about those belonging to obvious trolls attempting to undermine your site, I’m talking about people who had been regular and loyal comment contributors to the site, but were blacklisted because they may have strayed from the commenting guidelines from time to time, or who were blocked for a reason only SGT would know. So, you cannot have it both ways, Sean.

    While SGT has conducted its purge of “undesirables,” it’s been clear that you have simultaneously given one commenter in particular, Marc S. Man, the green light to spew his venom when he posts his comments to an article. Comments that are sometimes hateful, vulgar, threatening, and advocate violence against other human beings. No need to give you examples, as he’s obviously engaged in his psycho-tantrums with the blessings of the SGT inner sanctum. (I’m referring to Marc’s comments, not his articles, which are well-restrained because they are edited.)

    My point is, why is he not held to the same standards as others who comment? Could it be because he’s part of the SGT team AND because he’s a police officer, even if only part-time (which you finally clarified)? Whether part-time or full-time, you still MARKET him as a police officer all the same. And as both a member of the SGT team and as a police officer, Marc ought to be setting an example for other visitors to your site, rather than engage in the behavior that he so often does when he posts comments. In other words, Marc’s responsibilities in so far as professionalism and conduct are paramount BECAUSE he’s a part of the SGT team and BECAUSE he’s a police officer.

    Without going further into a Marc S. Mann bashing rant (that honestly was not my intention, but he IS the prime example), it seems likely to me that by having the token cop on board, you feel that it further legitimizes you and your site. But lets face it, Marc is above the law, or should I say SGT’s law, quite an easy one to rise above because SGT appears more than willing to give certain people a boost, I’m sorry to say.

    In all fairness, it isn’t only Marc that has received a free pass in this regard, there’s others as well. Which leaves me to believe there’s likely more to the blacklisting than an occasional transgression of the rules. But we’ll leave it at that.

    Yes, I know it is your site, blah, blah, blah, and you could do whatever you please, blah, blah, blah. And if this is what you’re thinking, your absolutely correct. By all means, knock yourself out. But it doesn’t mean I can’t take the liberty to critique it.

    So, Sean, those who wield the power at SGT (whether it be you single-handedly, or in tandem with others) might want to take a long, hard look at the hypocrisy and double-standards, because these are the things that people see and will remember you by at the end of the day. It would be a shame to allow the good works you guys have accomplished through the years to go to waste because you failed the ethical standards test, ironically, the very thing that SGT demands others perform well in. After all, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, is it not?.

    In closing, I hope to see ethics and integrity from the SGT team as the order for the new year, lest you encounter the same pitfalls that others who have who come before you have encountered when they thought they were fooling everyone, but were only fooling themselves. So please, guys, come back down to earth.

    Sayonara, best of luck, and keep up the otherwise good work in 2014 and beyond!

    (When men think and believe in one set of symbols and act in ways which are contrary to their professed and conscious ideas, confusion and insincerity are bound to result. – John Dewey)

    • SGT

      Freeman, with respect, first of all I don’t even know HOW to block people or specific URL’s from commenting. Second, we welcome a variety of views and as long as people don’t swerve into endless ad hominems or recial slurs (such comments are put in the spam file), 99% of the others are welcomed here wholeheartedly. Third, that stupid CAPTCHA code thing we have implemented is admittedly a pain in the arse, but it’s the ONLY thing the stops the 1,000+ bot-generated spam comments from getting through every day. As for ‘blacklisting’ people, the only people who are no longer welcome here are the people who take over every single comment section under every video with endless the-jews-are-the-problem comments all day long. Are you one of them? And finally, I can’t imagine what your beef is with Mark, he has contributed much to this site – I don’t recall ever receiving one single original article from you about any of the issues we cover, but if you submitted a well-written, well-researched pertinent piece we would gladly post it here as we do for Mark. Mark’s comments are his comments just as yours are yours. Both are welcome – and obviously if you were able to leave this comment your point makes little sense to me.

    • mark s mann

      Freeman….you obviously have some issue with me and if you took the time to write as much as you have I feel you deserve a response. First its clear you don’t understand how comments are posted on SGT. You seem to assume a lot and based on what information I am not sure. Sean has honestly and accurately stated how comments work on SGT. In regards to me personally , i think you are also assuming too much. Who do you think you are that I need to follow your rules of conduct and ethics? I use a pen name so I can be free to speak MY mind and be myself. The fact that I am a police officer is only revelant to my contributions on SGT because it is a professional credential which gives a soild basis for some of the subject matter I cover. I am here for myself as much as I am here for everyone else. The fact that you think I am above the law as you stated is ridiculous. If you don’t understand where I am coming from you are in the vast minority. Honestly
      i don’t care what you think. If you want politically correct polite content my advice is try CNN, ABC,
      CBS or Yahoo News.

    • jonathan

      You’re name is Freeman ever heard of Freedom of Speech. Just cause Mark S Mann is a cop doesn’t mean he can’t right whatever he wants. That’s what being free is about.

  • Bas

    He could be a nazi SS dude but he’s way too fat.

  • rico

    Would have loved to see Tubby wade into the crowd after calling the Navy Seal an idiot. Must be great to be able to talk smack behind the vestiges of armed protection eh Chris? You are the very substance of what is known as a COWARD. Very similar to what now happens to people who speak out against the Usurper IF THE SECRET SERVICE IS PRESENT! Enjoy your “DEMOCRACY” AMERIKA! If you don’t believe you live in a police state at this very moment, I can’t help you. Tubby is but another shining example of the farcical nature of the Two Party System, which exists only to provide YOU with the ILLUSION that you have a CHOICE when you VOTE for a CANDIDATE who has already been SELECTED for you by the LAMESTREAM MEDIA! Time to get off the couch, or you will awaken in Moscow one day soon…

  • stackers

    He is a bit of a bully, but that’s also just how a lot of people are in that area. They’re in your face, rude, confrontational and loud. There’s a reason why everyone thinks people in the south are so polite. We’re not – we’re just not loud obnoxious A-holes like 50% of everyone up there is.

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