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China seen boosting its bank gold reserves

by Debarati Roy,

China may have vaulted ahead of Italy and France last year to become the third-largest holder of gold, according to a Bloomberg Industries report.

Assets were probably about 2,710 metric tons, compared with the last reported holdings of 1,054 tons in April 2009, according to the report. Italy’s holdings are 2,451.8 tons, and France owns 2,435.4 tons, according to the World Gold Council data. The U.S. is the biggest holder with 8,133.5 tons.

China’s central bank probably added 622 tons last year after reserves increased 380 tons in 2012, according to the report by Kenneth W Hoffman, senior metals and mining analyst at Bloomberg Industries.

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1 comment to China seen boosting its bank gold reserves

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    If France holds and owns 2435.4 tons of gold, then why hasn’t the gold that Germany owns and stores in French vaults been returned to them immediately, as demanded? If The US holds 8133.5 tons of gold and is holding it for the Germans in safe keeping and the Germans have asked for it back, then why have the Americans denied the German people the return of their gold? It should have been sitting in the vault gathering dust, available to the Germans on demand. Instead the Germans have not seen an ounce from France and the only gold that the US has delivered to them is newly minted bars. That is a scandal of epic proportions in and of itself. The Germans have not had an ounce of their gold returned to them, the logical conclusion being; it’s gone, not there where it was said to be safely stored, a ledger entry hiding the theft. There is no other explanation and there won’t be one forthcoming from the thieves who have on-sold it to other parties. There will be a reckoning over this, let there be no doubt. The cat has poked its nose out of the bag and it wants out. The light of day will shine on this and there will be repercussions that will shake theirs and your world.
    The Chinese don’t trust the west a bit, having discovered years ago that tungsten was salted into good delivery bars. That is why they are demanding that the gold delivered to them is pure and to ensure that it is, they are having each and every bar melted down to see if there are any fakes. You can bet that the boyz are complying as the Chinese will out them on this. The original German 400oz bars are now 1 kilo bars, stamped and verified as pure Chinese gold, the German bars being melted and gone forever. You can’t undo the melting of metal.
    This process facilitates the transfer of the bankers credit system to Asia. There are billions of people there who have yet to be enslaved it it and once the Chinese have control of the reserve currency levers, it will be their day in the sun, extracting the wealth of nations to their shores, using the very same process that the international banking cartel has used through-out the West.

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