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Buyout Mania Hits the Gold Market

by Byron King, Daily

“The only easy day was yesterday,” say my Navy SEAL friends. Every day is different, of course. Still, a wave of business news hit the beach this week.

Headlines included news of Google buying Nest Labs, a maker of smart thermostats, for $3.2 billion. Charter made a $37.4 billion move to acquire Time Warner Cable. Japan’s Suntory wants to buy the U.S. company that distills Jim Beam whiskey for a cool $13.6 billion. This is how people with big cash are deploying capital.

Big business is shaping its future… and ours, too. What does this wave of combinations herald? Connect the dots. Our collective culture is evidently evolving toward a state in which people sit in climate-controlled rooms, watch old movies on television and drown their sorrows in hard liquor.

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