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Big precious metals themes for 2014

by Geoff Candy,

GEOFF CANDY: Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of’s Gold Weekly podcast – in fact it’s the first one for 2014. We hope you had a fantastic festive season and indeed a very good start to 2014. My guest today on the line is Nic Brown – he is the head of commodities research at Natixis Bank. Nic it’s been an interesting start to the year, not quite as busy from a mining point of view and from a mining news point of view as we saw in 2013 where we had CEO changes and all sorts of other things, but what we have seen is a surprisingly firm footing for gold given where we left things off in 2013.

NIC BROWN: Yes, it’s possible that some of the price movements in the early sessions may be price movements in the early sessions, may be related to index rebalancing after the underperformance of precious metals prices last year. So I wouldn’t ascribe too much significance to these very early trading sessions. I think we would need to see a more sustained improvement in prices before any sort of upward trend was established.

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