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BCCI: The NWO’s Original Bank for Crooks and Criminals

Understanding the BCCI scandal and all of its connections is essential, because this bank allowed the New World Order to grease its oily underbelly, as it slid into the 21st century.

from 21st Century Wire:

The bank was set-up to facilitate all sorts of international organised crime and laundered money for CIA drugs for arms swaps – along with billions more in petro-dollars. It helped to develop great underworld arms, prostitution and narcotic empires, and even helped in the corporatization of Africa. Cash was needed to build the capstone for the new global criminal empire, and the BCCI provided it. When the criminal elites had what they needed, they shut down the BCCI vehicle – and seized $20 billion in assets.

The current US Secretary of State John Kerry was instrumental at the time as Senate chair of the investigation, in making sure no prying eyes got a good look into the dirty CIA deals festering throughout the BCCI network. Kerry has since been rewarded for keeping the old boys network safe through that potentially damaging affair.

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1 comment to BCCI: The NWO’s Original Bank for Crooks and Criminals

  • jonathan

    I thought BCCI was done by a rogue group thats why they shut it down. I’d look more at the corrupt banks controlling the Fractional Reserve System.

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