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Arresting Obama & Restoring Liberty in 2014 — Harley Schlanger

Our longtime friend Harley Schlanger, historian and the national spokesperson for LaRouchePAC joins us to recount Barack Obama’s crimes in 2012 and 2013. We quickly determine that arresting the current ‘Commander-in-Chief’ for his many impeachable and outright criminal offenses would be a good first step in the effort to restore the Bills of Rights, the Constitution and rule of law. Harley and I look ahead to 2014, and discuss the tumultuous road ahead.

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24 comments to Arresting Obama & Restoring Liberty in 2014 — Harley Schlanger

  • Mark S Mann


    Nice Job on this one.

    Some interesting things Harley mentioned: I agree 100% that if there are any real false flag operations in play, the scumbag Neocons are involved. It’s what they do best, and its in their play book.

    I also agree with what he said about the fact that the American People have to be the ones to deal with Obama and bring him down. Any military take over would be a complete disaster. It would lead to a definite civil war, and huge loss of life. History is full of too many examples of why this is a bad idea. Our military is no longer our “Military”. We have a military industrial complex and a group of banksters controlling the military.

    I am glad that you brought up what Chris Duane and many others before him have said that people must not comply. With out meat for the grinder, the system does not continue.

    The way people are critical of the police (with good reason) They should be critical of the US military. The vast amounts of basic human rights violations and atrocities perpetrated by the US military in the last 40 years far outweigh all the “Support the Troops” and Yellow Ribbon Bullshit. If anyone disagrees, my question is why do you think the number / rates of military suicides is the highest in American history?

    If some Generals or credible US military officers can actually prove Obama and his administration are behind a false flag attempt of this type, they should come clean tot he American people and give the American people an unquestionable proof of Treason, which would legal means for Obama to be arrested, and his administration and those behind this treason to be dealt with. These people that supposedly thwarted these events need to realize they cant stand alone. We don’t need a military coup or a failed attempt at one.

    • SGT

      Hi Mark, thanks for taking the time to comment brother. Speaking of false flags, it is almost beyond comprehension that today there was a bomb blast in Sochi Russia and NO ONE in the media other than Zero Hedge and SGT Report is citing the obvious: As with 9/11, all roads lead back to rogue elements within Western governments – in this case, most likely the Saudis who threatened Putin if he didn’t get on board the US attack on Syria:

      “I can give you a guarantee to protect the Winter Olympics in the city of Sochi on the Black Sea next year. The Chechen groups that threaten the security of the games are CONTROLLED BY US… ” – Saudi Arabia’s Bandar bin Sultan to Vladimir Putin, spoken in hope of Russia selling out the Syrian regime, summer 2013.

      • Ed_B

        Saudi Arabia threatening the Russians is about as smart as the guy my son told me about. He climbed over a fence at a zoo and then kicked a bear in the junk to see if it was a male. It was and he got torn limb from limb. Well, that’s what dumbs**ts do, I guess… and Saudis. 😉

    • Frank Zak

      Brilliant. The best.

  • Tom G.

    A Happy New Year to Sean, MRH, PTS, and Mark!! Thanks to all of you for your hard work over the past year. It is muchly and sincerely appreciated.

    I wish I could be more optimistic about our chances of taking back this country. But as long as the sheeple have some food to eat and can play with their smartphones, tablets, or any other of the latest gadgets, they will remain blissfully unaware of what is going on. Truly, only taking away their food or gadgets will make them take notice that something has gone wrong.

    Quick question- a couple of weeks ago Sibel Edmonds was interviewed by David Knight or someone (I can’t remember exactly who) and she has some suspicions regarding Snowden because he might sign a book deal or something. I haven’t heard anything else about this but I was wondering if you guys or perhaps someone else who knows something about this may want to comment on this. I don’t have to tell you that Edmonds is a straight shooter.

    To everyone in our camp- God Bless you and have a Happy New Year!

    • SGT

      Hi Tom, I have been following the discussions about this issue between James Corbett and Sibel Edmonds, we have posted some of them. Sibel’s concern is with Glenn Greenwald specifically… with Greenwald acting as a gatekeeper for yet unreleased Snowden docs, while Greenwald forms a new media partnership with the Paypal founder. I respect Greenwald, but the questions are worth asking. We could use Sherlock Holmes on the case! Happy New Year.

      • Mark S Mann

        Tom G,

        Happy New Year to You too!

        I did see the interviews that you and Sean are talking about and the way I understood it was there may be a possibility that Snowden sold the information / data that he had to Greenwald, or that he may have been in a position to profit from giving it to Greenwald. If so, that puts him in a bad light in some peoples eyes. Personally, I don’t have a problem with Snowden if he did profit from it for two reasons:

        1.) The criminal scum that runs this country makes mountains of profits from perpetually doing the wrong thing. So what if once in a great while someone like Snowden makes a buck doing the right thing!

        2.)Snowden is going to need every penny he can get to avoid capture, extradition, and possibly assassination. You can’t run from the US Government if you have no funds.

        People can say what ever they want about Snowden. Like him or hate him, getting too focused on the messenger instead of what the actual message is about is a distraction “the powers that be” want to happen. Bottom line, he exposed a lot of criminal activity that at this point cant be denied or refuted because of anything about Snowden’s personal life or character.

        • Tom G.

          Hi Mark- Thanks for giving your input. I’ll keep watching this case as I get a chance. I appreciate your viewpoint. I don’t know what to think about it yet, which is why I wanted you guys to chime in about it. I read Sibel’s book as I’m sure you guys did too. I have no problems with her. If she has questions about someone’s motives then it is at least worth looking into. I just don’t know what to think about it yet. Happy New Year Mark!

        • Ed_B

          I agree, Mark. Snowden gave up just about everything that mattered to him to let the truth about the NSA become common knowledge. He has a right to some monetary payment for that sacrifice. He’s not an air-plant. He’s a fellow human being with all the physical needs of anyone else. Those needs have to be met if he is to live and his ability to earn a living just now is severely impaired.

          But I do find it interesting that the same government that bends over backwards to protect and reward commercial whistle-blowers does a complete 180 when Fed Gov whistle-blowers come on the scene. They, for some reason, are not whistle-blowers but enemies of the state. I guess that they can stand the truth so long as it is not about them. Hypocrites.

  • Tom G.

    Thanks for the clarification Sean. Yeah, that’s right- it was Greenwald, not Snowden. I saw the interview here on SGT. I’m glad you’re going to stay on top of it because I thought Sibel made some really good points. Thanks.

  • Eric

    “A soul-less robot or an imbecile.” Good one!

    Yea we still have those odumbo bumper stickers here in california too. I just assume they are imbeciles. Everyone else is.

  • Moishe

    Excellent Interview! Harley is a great man with immense insight. We need to find solutions or remedies to neuter the banksters……Many are at the forefront to exposing this “Corporate fiction” debt-credit system which is responsible for all wars & poverty. For those out there in debt or losing your home- fear not. This real proven action which we can all unite to defy the beast system. It is our birth-rite not theirs. Truth and Openness

    We have nothing to fear from truth and openness. We love truth and openness for it exposes lies and deceit. We do everything openly. They whisper behind closed doors. We live in the light. They operate in darkness.

    The light has shined in the darkness and the darkness can never put it out.

    Mary Elizabeth Croft is at the forefront, If the banksters know that we know, the jig is up.

    • Ed_B

      “We live in the light. They operate in darkness.”

      Which is our entire purpose in being alive and on this Earth. We are here to choose between that which is good and that which is evil. We do this by deciding which we will serve. Those who choose poorly will have all eternity to rue their poor choice… while those who choose well will have that same eternity to enjoy the benefits of their excellent choice. 🙂

      Everything that evil people do to others will be insignificant compared to what will be done to them after Judgement Day. This does not mean, however, that we should not oppose them while we are here. We should definitely do that and with every means at our disposal. But we also need to reject completely becoming like them in word, thought, and deed. If we do that, then they have won and we have lost that which is most important… our very selves.

  • dan

    and without ANY state militia’s, who will enforce the arrest…..PS did you see the turnout of ‘police forces’ around DC..when an unarmed mother with child made a wrong turn at the WH… sitting and waiting they are…..pox on them all….imho

  • jerry

    We just don’t have the power to do a damn thing or it would of been done .so GOOD LUCK on this one . No one has been held accountable for anything , nothing ,noda ,ziltch . No investigations and its all covered up. 9/11 don’t even go there ,HUH? over a decade? The kicker is its all done in secrecy . The TPP is all but finalized it wont be stopped. And its mostly all been in the last 2 years, false flags, murdered or jailed whistle blowers, it truly is mind blowing . Bengazi to fast n .furious ,open boarders, mass shootings the bankers countless crimes . Blatant lies to congress ,who cares so what ,MEDIIA TELLS IT WITH THEIR SPIN end of story …on and on and on . Obamas not even a legit president and most know its no conspiracy theory . Yet no one with any authority does anything at all and the ones who do cant get anywhere at all ,JUDGE RULES another OVERTURNS and all we can do is rant on some blog , it all falls on deaf ears and were all just a bunch of nuts. Everyone Ive tried to wake up just don’t care and don’t get it . Hell I don’t get it anymore and have to question my own sanity of why do I care ?? instinctive survival ?. Looks like we’ve been check mated and the likes of Hitler ,NWO, ILLUMINATTI, Aliens ,what ever you want to call em have already won. Only thing that makes sense is the unimaginable …just pick one, anything that doesn’t make sense that is…and if your awake ,aware, you know its the only thing that could explain it. So yes sir call me crazy and I know it

  • Joe

    Must be nice to dream on about having the president arrested.

  • I’m going with Jerry on this one. The government, bankers, military……. are “all” out of control. Nothing has been done, nothing will be done. “They” are in complete control.
    I have up days. I have down days. I know this is coming, but you have to try to live within the “system”. The “system” will consume us all if we don’t stop it, but the “we” is the problem. If my block is used as an example. I bet there’s only one house that has its act together with at least “one” person who understands…. I don’t even need to open the front door to see which house it is. 1 out of 30 isn’t going to cut it if revolution is needed.

  • Rainmaker

    Whats really scary is that Hillary is the most popular politician now and probably a shoo-in as next President (don’t get your hope up on impeachment) Love Harley talking about what we need to do next(as is if we don’t….), but if we make it through the next 2 1/2 years and we are going to get THAT.

  • 8Ball

    “Obama will be gone… but the people who voted for him will still be here.”

    attributed to Marc Faber

  • Paul T

    I don’t believe we will see any justice for ANY of these crimes until the day comes when the dollar finally collapses and these criminals can’t print unlimited funds to buy their way through this madness. Until then, they will print and buy off whoever they want, when they want and to no limit commit attrocities. People can’t seem to figure out why they keep getting away with all of it with virtually no arrests. That’s why. Wait til paper don’t matter and they have nothing to buy anyone off. That’s when they’ll hang.

  • c.i.

    So What Was The Free Trade All About. Can Not Trust Anyone Obviously

  • Walter Pye

    Chuck Smith of PANDA his should go Viral!

    We Are Your Enemy

  • Walter Pye


    Thank you & God save The Constitutional Republic of These United States from the satanic tyrants. The World needs great patriots like yourself, SGT & staff & Chuck Smith to pave the way.

    Keep spreading Truth. 2014 will belong to Us!!!

    Walter Pye

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