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Andrew Hoffman – Still Ranting, But No Longer “Ranting Andy”… Wrapping Up 2013


This was the last show of the year with the writer formally known as Ranting Andy. We talked about:

  • The Anti-Taper Caper;
  • Gasoline prices surge;
  • Unemployment benefits expire for 1.33 million;
  • December Comex closes tomorrow;
  • No gold left in Comex;
  • Ten year Treasury goes over 3 percent, what next?

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2 comments to Andrew Hoffman – Still Ranting, But No Longer “Ranting Andy”… Wrapping Up 2013

  • Frank Zak

    Why you should only buy physical.

    Gold mines have high debts. In a financial collaspe
    their funds dry up. They can go broke even if they
    are profitable. Gold mines headge their future gold
    sales and limit their upside potential of their stocks.
    Gold mines are high grading now. The electrinic system
    could collaspe and you hold paper stock. You broker
    could go bankrupt.

    Only by .999 gold such as the American Buffalo. It can
    be melted into jewelry.

  • Frank Zak

    The biggest worry is the collaspe of the electronic system.

    That’s why real estate recorded at the recorders office and
    a deed in hand with title insurance also in hand are so important.
    You want to be off the grid. Keep your cash money at home
    in hand. If you have a mortgage you will be lucky, because you
    can pay it back with worthless money in hyperinflation.
    It is a hard asset in hand. Keep your gold and cash on your land.
    Buy freeze dried storage food. Buy a dehumidifier to make water
    with a small generator to power.


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