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2014 Economic Recovery? Nope. — David Morgan


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2 comments to 2014 Economic Recovery? Nope. — David Morgan

  • Bob A

    I guess someday he’ll get it right. This is one of the clowns who has been wrong 99 times out of 100. I wouldn’t listen to whatever he is spewing on this audio program.

  • MoFo

    Dave was one of first I came across learning about PMs. It wasn’t long there after I found Doc and then Sean’s site. I learned more from the comments after awhile and started taking my own path.

    Dave was one hell of a pitch man for silver and helped the price of the very metal he held by beating the drum. Others joined the band with the likes of Chris Duane and others.

    I would like to thank them all for the education that came along with the PM story.

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