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Will silver finally get to shine in 2014?

by Peter Cooper, ArabianMoney:

For true contrarians there can be only one investment pick for 2014 as ArabianMoney investment newsletter editor Peter Cooper argues in an article in the UAE’s premier newspaper ‘The National’ today (click here): silver.

The New Year edition of the ArabianMoney investment newsletter will take up this recommendation further for subscribers with our view on how best to gear-up an investment in silver for 2014 (subscribe here). It’s a bold strategy. Silver has been down 32 per cent this year, although it jumped a couple of per cent yesterday.

Inflexion point?

Still there are all the classic ingredients of an oversold asset class and more besides. What is the only commodity to sell today for less than it did in 1980? What is the most volatile of all commodities with the highest highs and the lowest lows?

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4 comments to Will silver finally get to shine in 2014?

  • Tom G.

    To answer the question- No.

  • Troy

    My guess would be that silver ranges from $19-$28 through 2014, and gets into the $30’s, and maybe $40’s in 2015. I personally want the price lower, but I don’t see that happening because the demand is very high right now. I’m done with my food stock so I’m buying silver again….if silver ever gets $30 plus, then I’ll stop buying silver, and buy more guns, ammo, food, propane, tools, prep supplies, seeds, gardening supplies, fencing, etc etc.

    • Ed_B

      Great plan, Troy. Damn, I wish that I had a neighbor like you. 🙂

      My prepping plan is similar but out of sync with yours. I need to add more food and water, comms, and general supplies. My silver stack is good but adding more would not hurt a thing. Weps are good and ammo is fine… for now.

      Yeah, low silver prices are great if one is a buyer, not so great if one is a seller. The last 2-3 years are GREAT reminders of why it is a bad idea to buy silver or gold on credit or to go all in with it while ignoring other vital supplies.

      Next up will be my reloading supplies, including lead for bullet casting. A couple of hundred pounds of lead would be good to have.

      Meds need some attention too. New diapers make great field dressings, slings, and other useful items. Sterilized and packaged in a vacuum-sealed pouch, they will stay sterile for a long time.

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