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When China Doesn’t Get Their Gold, That’s When This Ends — Rob Kirby

from Greg Hunter:

Rob Kirby of claims the U.S. “arbitrarily set the price of all strategic goods in the market.” As an example of control, Kirby explains, “We have 10-year U.S. bond rates under 3%, and I would say the United States is actually insolvent, and we have countries like Greece where 10-year bonds are yielding over 9%.” When does this end? Kirby points to look to the finite physical gold market and massive Chinese global buying for a clue. Kirby says, “When China doesn’t get their gold, that’s when this ends, and that might be when we have a war.”

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2 comments to When China Doesn’t Get Their Gold, That’s When This Ends — Rob Kirby

  • Rodster

    I tend not to agree with the premise. They will huff and bluff but will just wait in line just like Germany. This will end when we have a Black Swan event no one was expecting because of all the bubbles created. I do believe however that TPTB will eventually take us into a Global War but that will happen to divert us from the incoming meltdown. We still don’t know when or how this will take place just like every other financial meltdown.

    After it happens we can play arm chair quarterback.

  • Duanne

    It all comes down to China. They’re buying it all up. We Americans are selling all our gold to them to keep this system going on our terms. Once they reach a point China will drop a bomb on our financial system by controlling the GOLD. We HAVE to play along now, by suppressing golds true value in order to appease China. They have all our indusy and next is the true power…GOLD. These people have incredible patience and are throughout history very calculating. India , same thing. Just look at how they control businesses here in the U.S. They own every damn gas station, and dunkin donut, and convenience store . I know for a fact that one habeeb owner I know loves and tak buys lots of gold/silver. Lots of it. History always dictates: He who controls the gold controls the Earth. Theres never a dispute about that …..ever.

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