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US Judge Rules Colorado ‘Sheriffs’ Can’t Sue Over Gun Control Laws, Only ‘Individuals’ Can

from NRAVideos:

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2 comments to US Judge Rules Colorado ‘Sheriffs’ Can’t Sue Over Gun Control Laws, Only ‘Individuals’ Can

  • Ed_B

    Note to judge: SHERIFFS ARE INDIVIDUALS. It is Sheriff’s Departments that are organizations. Besides, judge, ever hear of a “class action suit”? In case you haven’t, that is a suit brought by a person or organization on behalf of a large number of people and / or organizations who have been wronged and who are seeking redress via the courts.

    Additionally, courts are useful to the citizens of this country only so long as they are responsive to the needs of those same citizens. When courts fail to meet our needs, they cease to have have any real reason to exist other than to spend a lot of our money playing games with their pet legal theories. That’s not a job, it’s a hobby. Most of us are considerate enough to at least spend our OWN money on our hobbies.

  • Sketch

    Actually, the Sheriff should incorporate themselves as a single person LLC and THEN sue the crap out of people, thus protecting their own personal assets. Corporations are people too!

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