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Ukraine is a “brother country”- Putin

from The BRICS Post:

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday said Moscow will not impede a Ukrainian integration pact with the European Union but will protect its interests.

Russia has decided to provide Ukraine with a $15 billion and cut price for gas supplies because Moscow sees Kiev as a brotherly nation in a difficult situation, Putin said at his annual marathon press conference in Moscow on Thursday.

“If we really say that [the Ukrainian people] are a brother people, and a brother country, then we are obliged to conduct ourselves as a close relative and help the Ukrainian people in this difficult situation,” said Putin.

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1 comment to Ukraine is a “brother country”- Putin

  • jonathan

    Putin may be a dictator like all politicians but he is right. The original capital of Russia was Kiev in the days of Kievan Rus. In reality Ukraine is Western Russia that doesn’t mean they have to bow to Russia but they shouldn’t make friends with the countries run by Banksters who funded the Bolsheviks and the Nazis who both committed genocide upon the Ukrainians.

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