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DECEMBER 23rd Marked 100 Years of FEDERAL RESERVE TYRANNY – Flashback: G. Edward Griffin, Mike Rivero & Ron Paul

by SGT,

December 23, 2013 marks 100 years of the privately owned and controlled Federal Reserve System and its monetary policy tyranny. As Alan Greenspan famously stated in this famous interview: “The Federal Reserve is an independent agency which means basically, there is no other agency of government which overrule actions that we take.”

In other words, the FED is above Congress, the Supreme Court and the Executive branch.

The Banksters have controlled the United States for 100 years. They have gutted our once strong and sovereign nation. If we don’t throw off their chains, what will we look like after the next 100 years?

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10 comments to DECEMBER 23rd Marked 100 Years of FEDERAL RESERVE TYRANNY – Flashback: G. Edward Griffin, Mike Rivero & Ron Paul

  • ivan

    That was truly amazing Sean, keep it up. I enjoyed every second of it. And Mr. Edward has an amazing book that opened my eyes, hope to see him more at sgtreport. Happy holidays every one!

  • Mr. J. Coon

    Great part 1 & 2, why is part 3 not avail in this country ?

  • glitter 1

    The vast majority of Americans are under the assumption(all be it false)that our government is functioning in/towards our best interests.I personally don’t believe it,the facts speak other wise.Look at how our government has functioned for the past 40 years,would intelligent and sane indiviuals make decisions as they have? No!So, there must be a larger plan in progress here.George Soros has recently made the statement that China will lead the NWO and America had better get use to the idea.

    If China is destine to lead the NWO as Soros suggests,it would appear there is some validity to it.They are vacuuming up all of the West’s and other’s gold and natural resources in order to back their currency at some time in the near future.It is no stretch to assume that The One Bank,who controls/owns the US also owns/controls PBOC.TPTB(NWO)are looting the wealth of the US and transferring it to their next Pworld financial Power House/Driver.If you examine the facts closely,a vision comes into view.The US citizens are methodically being looted and at the same time being subjugated to a future of tax slavery and servetude as the corptocracy steals/lays claim to the natural resources/wealth of the continental US.

    In the not to distant future,the US as we’ve known it will no longer exist.

    China,with a 200 million man army,has the ability to seize what they own and been promised,as well as becoming the enforcement arm of the NWO.

    On February 17, 1950, James Paul Warburg confidently declared to the United States Senate: “We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”

  • mouse

    the myth about Kennedys executive order 11110:

    as i see it JFK’s executive order 11110 supported doing in 1963 more or less the same to silver as did Nixons closing of the gold window 1971 to gold. in both cases the government was forced to undo the underpricing and thus overconsumption of a price-fixed commodity vis a vis monetary inflation. thus the executive order 11110 supported an act of DEMONETIZATION of silver.

    the “truthers” seem to get this the wrong way. how this? maybe irrational bubble-psychology and uncritical crowd-following? here the details about executive order 11110 on wikipedia:

  • vincent

    Another fine job Sean.

    The unfortunate reality (as you well know) is that our family, friends and neighbors deny the reality for various reasons. Economic hardship makes it difficult to invest time learning about the real factors controlling our existence. Economic comfort gives many a reason not to question the reality. And lastly, many folks simply don’t care enough to enlighten themselves.
    A wise man told me many years ago that we are a society of misplaced emphases and inverted priorities. Those who have taken the initiative to educate themselves past the point of expectation are the enlightened, and, I believe, will not only function at a higher level should their everyday be altered, but feel a heightened sense of calmness as we move forward. I know I already do.

    I speak for many when I thank you for your contributions. You and your staff have been part of my awakening….. now three-plus years in.
    Big props

  • MPB

    Superb Sean (Parts 1 & 2) but Part 3 is not available / playable. HUM? How many others have experienced this beyond Mr. J Coon (Above) and myself?


  • messianicdruid

    So they had a 100 year contract. No renewal, right?

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