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This Will Trigger A Massive Gold Spike To New All-Time Highs

from KingWorldNews:

We have an inexplicable discrepancy between what’s happening in physical markets and paper markets. I think there is really something to it. We know that there is now some regulatory interest. The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) in the UK is looking into it.

The German equivalent is also looking into this. It will be interesting to see where it all goes, but anything to shed light on the inexplicable trading patterns in the gold market is a step in the right direction. During Western hours of trading our paper markets have historically hammered gold.

John Hathaway continues @

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7 comments to This Will Trigger A Massive Gold Spike To New All-Time Highs

  • Frank Zak

    I am an accountant. I love numbers.

    The best estimates of how much gold can mined from the
    earth realistically, is only 1/3 more than has already
    been mined in all history.


    This generation is the last to have a chance
    to own gold.

    Only the rich will own it in the future.

    Why not be one of then ?

    You can ….. you know.

  • Tom G.

    Hi Frank- Hope you have a nice weekend.

    I don’t think gold or silver paper are going anywhere next year contrary to everyone else on the planet. What say you?

    • Frank Zak

      Hi Tom,

      About 20 years ago I used to sell my systems
      in full page adds in futures Magazine and Stocks
      and commodities.

      I discovered Interdimensional Cycles and was
      asked to be the Vice President at the Foundation for
      the Study of Cycles when it was in Irvine, CA.

      My computerized system can call every turning point
      from micro to macro. But, I was contacted and
      sold my rights to the system. Not by people whom
      offered me large amounts of money, but to people
      whom were scientists.

      One of the people whom began IBM even became interested
      in Interdimensional Cylces and was working on it
      when he died.

      These cycles have no form. They do not look like
      waves. They control every market on earth.

      What I realized is what Einstein proved. The future

      We are all puppets. We dance to the tune of
      Nature’s Magic.

      We only see the slice of time we are allocated.

  • Frank Zak

    But a house, if you have any money left over…
    buy gold.

    Gold is worth a great deal more than you suspect.

    A great deal more.

    Take all the outrageous clains they have told you about
    silver and apply it to gold.

    Then, you will have the truth.

    Treasure every once you own.

    Never sell it.

    This game will end in all our lifetimes.

    When it explodes, it will go up and
    hang flat in price.

    Look at Argentina, Weimar Germany and Austria

    Gold explodes and goes flat.

    So, you never need to sell it beforehand.

  • Frank Zak

    “Buy right and sit tight.”
    Jesse Livermore

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