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The Truth About Santa

from Stefan Molyneux:

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3 comments to The Truth About Santa

  • SpudsMincemeatCarrotsOnions

    Bahhh Humbug Stephan !!!

    I too am a philosopher. Monsieur Molyneux (a.k.a.Scrooge) is off his rocker (on this subject) regarding Santa. He must have been very, very disappointed each and every Dec 25th of his early childhood, the poor lad.

    Christmas is about dreaming cher ami, dreaming of the magnificient impossible, only to be brought back down to earth – a good lesson for one’s future adulthood.

    I have faith that parents are very capable of guiding their offspring’s expectations insofar as gifts from Santa are concerned – “Johnnie, asking Santa for a,b,c and d might make Santa think you are greedy my boy, better you make your list more reasonable (REALISTIC).”

    Also, once a child learns that his parents lie to him now and again, it helps him mature, grow up and curtails him or her from idolizing them. The child, seeing his folks as human, with weaknesses, will love them even more (Donc, au contraire à votre avis par rapport à “trust”).

    Rest yourself well Stephan, this Christmas, you sound like you need it.


    BTW Merry Christmas Sir ! I hope you receive a wee gift that will please your heart this year.

  • c.i.

    What A Wanker.

    I Will Say No More Except That Your Smily Face Will Be 4ever A Shedload Of Non Sence From Now On.


  • jonathan

    When a parent teaches his child a fantasy story is real then the kid finds out it is not that is a good lesson don’t believe whatever someone tells you to believe just because they’re in a position of authority.

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