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The Third Wave of US Martial Law Mass Detentions

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

In September of 2011, DHS and FEMA forcibly removed children from elementary schools, without properly notifying their parents, (i.e. Operation Mountain Guardian) and transported them to an NFL stadium. In Denver, DHS went so far as to hire “mock” parents to beg officials at the stadium to release their children in an effort to desensitize the guards to future parents pleas. It was obvious to most of us that children would be used to pull in their parents to a detention facility.

I have painstakingly detailed, with the publication of eyewitness accounts (e.g. Dr. Susan Helman describing her experiences with Russians in Gatlinburg, TN. on my radio show and in print), the Amanda Mitchell account of her experiences with Russian soldiers in her town in Alaska, etc), I have cited newspaper accounts of the same, I have cited bilateral agreements between DHS/FEMA and Russian troops to train for a “disaster” on American soil (i.e. false flag attack and martial law), the participation of Russians and Chinese in Grid EX II and the Russian and Chinese future participation in the highly secure RIMPAC War Games, through emails, videos and pictures the presence of foreign troops from reporters such as Sherrie Wilcox, I have presented firsthand accounts of ex-CIA agents like Dr. Jim Garrow, former NSA operative, Vance Davis and the late NSA agent AC Griffith, related to the same topic, on my radio show and still there are those who will bury their heads in the sand and pretend that none of the evidence exists. To those people, who still doubt the presence of foreign troops on American soil, I would ask that you read the articles on my website dating back to its inception in September of 2012. One estimate places the number of articles in which I have cited and documented the presence of foreign troops on American soil at 27 in a period of 15 months.

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2 comments to The Third Wave of US Martial Law Mass Detentions

  • CalsailX

    Tongue in cheek I’ll wish those DHS/FEMA folk good luck with such Canadian troops as might be forced to partake in the suppression of the restoration of Constitutional Government in their southern neighbor.

    Those Canadian boys know the same folks attempting to usurp our rights, are hard at work in their own country. Restoration of “Rule of Law” in their own country will depend on the dog fight that might take place down here.

    This isn’t a good country to send young men to fight in, they will face men who been taken to school by the best guerrilla warfare experts in the world in at least three different wars.

    Even the Russian’s and Chinese had best beware that there is a virus here, men and women that believe that all of us are endowed with natural rights. Even the men and women we might fight… It’s infectious and they might have kill the men and women exposed or risk their own destruction.

    To die knowing in my heart knowing that the criminals behind the destruction will sooner or later fall on a sword of their own making will let me leave this existence with a smile.

  • CalsailX

    Almost forgot a friend of has known for the last twenty years that yea… food will be used as a weapon around the world. If his old man wasn’t dead we all might ask him who gave him the information. If all you think about is weapons you will eat lead when you have nothing else in the bag.

    I know know I’ll keep mine alive, when a hundred people turn to you and your team. Have a plan that keeps them from destruction. Find your copy of the US ARMY SPECIAL FORCES MEDICAL HANDBOOK… and learn it or find a very smart twelve year old and pay them to learn it. We all should know what’s in it because the day may come you may wish you didn’t have to watch a man or woman die because of your ignorance.

    We all have regrets… some of us will take more from this world then others.

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