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The Polls You’re NOT Hearing About

by Dr. Kevin “Coach” Collins, Western Journalism:

Despite a glee-filled report dated Oct 22nd from a stereotypical ABC News nerd – dark rimmed glasses, plaid shirt, orange tie, and hair combed like one of the gang at TMZ – insisting the Democrats’ government shutdown would hurt Republicans next year, no one really believes that. Americans didn’t believe the shamelessly left weighted polls last month; and they don’t believe them today, if they even remember them.

It’s a sure thing, however, that the Left wishes they could roll out some more fake polls to help Barack Obama out of his sink hole; but that’s not happening.

Because the Obama sandcastle is washing away so quickly, it is hard to say how far Obamacare has dragged him down. Is he at 42% approval as one of the “faker” polls had him earlier last week? Is he down to 38% approval? Or is that 37 or even 36%? The speed of his fall is dizzying.

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