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The ONE ROAD to END Precious Metals CORRUPTION — Jeff Nielson

from SGT,

Our friend Jeff Nieson from joins us to talk about, what how to END the endless corruption in the precious metals markets. We cover the Rothschild’s ONE BANK, Bitcoin and everything in between. And Jeff says he thinks the Rothschilds will SMASH Bitcoin which has emerged as a rival to their fiat empire. How does Jeff know this? Because he says that’s exactly what he would do if he was a Trillionaire Satanic Bankster.

As for physical precious metals which have suffered a brutal year, Jeff says, “The ONE BANK wants to keep people out of the precious metals sector at ALL COSTS and so it is doing literally everything in its power to discourage people from putting their money in gold and silver. So ask yourself this, if the Bankers want you to get your money out of gold and silver, more than anything else in the world, then isn’t gold and silver exactly the place you want to be?

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29 comments to The ONE ROAD to END Precious Metals CORRUPTION — Jeff Nielson

  • rich

    Cashless society: A huge threat to our freedom

    Econgularity, shorthand for economic singularity, is an ugly word I created to describe an unfortunate approaching moment in time when our current technological snooping prowess, the ease of big data manipulation and our sprint to a cashless economy will converge. This will happen in such a way as to permit governments to exercise incredibly powerful control over all human behavior.

    While this may sound like a paranoid doomsday scenario to some, as a real world finance professional, I believe that this scenario is not only eminently possible, but most of the technology is already available — albeit not yet fully marshaled — to frighteningly make it reality.
    Technological advances have led to the creation of algorithms that can instantaneously review financial transactions, determining the nature, location and even the appropriateness of a purchase decision. These have been freely used by credit- and debit-card companies.

    If current government trends continue, a cashless economy could thus very well lead to an econgularity. Imagine a future in which soon, a government staff member could suspect an individual of some misconduct, or perhaps deem that person’s politics or speech unacceptable. It would take just a few keystrokes to order all financial institutions to decline any withdrawal or payment from that individual and to transfer any deposits or payments of that person to the government, or at least freeze any access to funds. Perhaps this would need to be reviewed by a secret court that would approve 99.7 percent of all requests, but would provide a veneer of due process. It is fair to think that the targeted individual might starve to death. This could be insured by cutting off access to the payment system of anyone suspected of helping the targeted individual.

    • Tom G.

      Rich- I am with you 100% that we are heading for a cashless society. It will take some time though. After the economic collapse they may try to implement some type of universal currency.

      However,in our country, the baby-boomers, being the largest demographic group, still have a lot of say-so in what goes on. Many baby-boomers still have some small remnant of their Christian worldview intact and may be suspicious of getting chipped (in the next 10 years or so) as part of a one-world currency. However, after the Boomers get older, die off, and thus lose their influence, the generations coming up behind them are certainly post-Christian and have been conditioned to listen to authority. They will be the most accommodating in doing their part to promote “peace and security.” The powers-that-be will promote a one-world-government, one-world-currency (cashless, by then), and so on and so forth in order to sell the populous that this is the only way to assure us of “peace and security.”

      • AgShaman

        The “Chip” is Obamacare….and programs like Common Core….that fully engulf the slave classes and lock them into their proper stations outlined for them, whereby they embrace their tracking devices and give up the desire for privacy.

        The “Chip” is the incrementalism and boiling frog syndrome TPTB have been rolling out for decades. As long as they can keep the majority of the herd dumbed down and unaware of their fractional reserve and fiat monetary systems….they can do whatever pleases them at any time.

        They have already suckered most of the country into accepting the idea that we have a participatory democracy, rather than a constitutional republic.

        Because Amerikwans suffer from low self esteem and self worth/respect issues….the herd will embrace the “reality teevee” model that comes with stroking their ego with rolling out town hall meetings and participatory democratic functions that have outcomes that have already been pre-ordained. The minds of the zombies within the herd are too clueless to recognize when they are being “Delphi Techniqued” because they want to “participate” in the drama that comes with false democratic charades.

        You cannot force the herd to give up on living amongst the moocher and looter classes. They will remain forever locked into the blissful world that comes with being intellectually lazy. The only thing you can do is wake enough people up to the fact that our constitutional republic has been usurped, by a lawless gang of thugs.

        The guillotine needs to be brought back….and the heads of bankers and traitors need to roll. (Until the rule of law returns….we are all along for the ride)

        Here are your options:

        1. Get your state to nullify the long list of Acts passed since JFK and secede from the union (backed up by militia creation)

        2. Leave the country and hope their NWO dreams are stopped.

        3. Prepare yourself for the final battle…when they come to disarm you or disappear you ‘a-la’ NDAA

      • Ed_B

        “… and so on and so forth in order to sell the populous that this is the only way to assure us of “peace and security.””

        No doubt. But in true government form, every name they give something is 180 degrees out of phase with reality. Examples: the Affordable Care Act… it does not care that we cannot afford it… the Patriot Act? Nuff said. Practically every act of the Fed Gov uses this reverse double speak illogic. We just have to pass it into law before we know what’s in it. Same with checks and contracts? Only if we wanna be broke.

      • themanwithnoname

        What better way than to use a currency like Bitcoin.Totall contol of who gets to use some and who don’t.Just for shits and giggles see who owns the legal name and all it’s property eg. House,car, bank accounts,brokerage accounts etc.You know christians the name of the beast.Cheers its time to wake up.

  • iguana green

    We are among thieves, liars and cronies in American economics.
    I want to share a Wikipedia Definition that very possibly explains what is going on here.
    Please read and learn:
    A bear raid is a type of stock market strategy, where a trader (or group of traders) attempts to force down the price of a stock to cover a short position. The name is derived from the common use of bear or bearish in the language of market sentiment to reflect the idea that investors expect downward price movement.

    A bear raid can be done by spreading negative rumors about the target firm, which puts downward pressure on the share price. This is typically considered a form of securities fraud. Alternatively, traders could take on large short positions themselves, with the large volume of selling ideally causing the price to fall, making the strategy self-perpetuating.
    There has to be an end somewhere? No?

  • Sheryl Anne

    Excellent Excellent Interview!!! I just wish Americans would wake-up – both
    sides are completely controlled by the lies. Amazing but true.

  • Slvrizgold

    “If the govt and banks want you out of gold and silver, isn’t that exactly where you should be?” Impeccable logic. YES!

    Locked up in their web of paper in a bank or in the House of Mirrors stock market is where the want you. Or a 401k so they can renege on the tax exemption when the time comes (might get away with it if your already very close to your 60s.), Or maybe even “bail it in” and they take a big haircut. All my ounces still weigh the same, and belong to me only.

    • Ed_B

      There is a very slippery trick that I have been expecting to be pulled on us at any moment for some time now. Qualified withdrawals from Roth IRAs are tax free. There is a lot of money currently in these accounts. The trick would be for the Gov to bring in a Euro-style Value Added Tax or VAT. Typically, these are 15-20% of the value of an item at every stage of production where ownership changes hands. The final payment comes from the consumer. The effect of this is that the Gov can still claim that the Roth accounts are still tax-free because there is no income tax when it is withdrawn from the account, while at the same time taxing that money with a VAT when it is spent. Non-Roth IRAs will get a 1-2 punch of an income tax when withdrawn AND a VAT when it is spent. Anyone reading this who doesn’t think that the policy weenies in DC are on to slick moves like this does not know them very well. Believe me, they ARE on to this and are working very hard right now on figuring out a way to sell it to the sheeple.

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    The banksters can’t naked short bitcoin so I think they are completely, completely, completely screwed.

  • Chuck

    I got this powerful chill down this old cowboys spine that FED COOP is trying to close the gate on the PM pasture because they fear what will happen when the herd starts to move from the equity market fields. Its as plain as the hole in my glove that the green grass stopped growing in those fields just in the past couple days. I believe the FED Coop over fertilized and the rains never came so the stock fields are all turning brown, and starting to stink to high heaven. The bond pastures are not producing anymore also. The winter snows and cold is also coming and the herds are becoming restless with no cover. I also got some talk from the drying up watering hole that the Comex and LBMA places don’t have enough physical feed come the end of this month and there is no feed the other ranchers are willing to let loose of because they have livestock to get through the winter. So TPTB ranchers are trying to spook their herds away from the holes in the fences and away from the neighbors haystack and even stealing from it to get by. Maybe a time for some hangings. The feed store is pert near out and other ranches are not putting up anymore hay or extra because its too late in the year and they couldn’t afford the fuel and labor cost during the summer anyhow. There is a reason they say make hay when the sun shines. The neighbors stack has many claims on it anyway and sure it will not last the winter. Hell, last I heard they are shipping most of it over to the China man and they are making pellets out of it. The China man wants the real stuff now and no more of the straw we have been sending them in years past. They are turning in their rotting straw now for our rich alfalfa and the bitch is we are trading it for below market prices because of the crooked Coop is getting a kick back under the table. I heard they are even shipping more than a years supply of other types of fodder and that way and to the Indians also. I think the hunger to survive will be too great to stop the herd and it will be a stampede breaking fences all over this country. Starvation and trials are coming this way to all who is not hunkered down! Just not enough feed or cover. Guess we should of learned from the Natives and lived by natural laws, lived off the land and not taken more than what was needed. Too late now we are in for many seasons of despair. Time to thin the herds.

  • Troy

    I just recieved my 40 Sic Semper Tyrannis today…and I will tell you they are my favorite SBSS so far! I like them better than Slave Queen and Debt and Death!

  • Jacobson

    “And Hezekiah king of Judah sent to the king of Assyria to Lachish, saying: ‘I have offended; return from me; that which thou puttest on me will I bear.’ And the king of Assyria appointed unto Hezekiah king of Judah three hundred talents of silver and thirty talents of gold.”

    1:10 ratio .
    The truth of the Torah .

  • Michael

    And Bernanke king of Jewsa sent to the King of the treasury Jacob of Lewdia I have printed for you the paper of our people. And king Jacob appointed unto Obama king of Kenya 240 trillion stacks of FRN’s.

    240 trillion to 1
    That’s a bunch of Torapaper.

  • Troy

    If we could just convince the Zombie masses to buy silver, we could end this paper scheme and see what silver is REALLY worth….but as long as a new phone is coming out next week for them to buy, the Zombies won’t buy silver.

  • MoFo


    What’s up with the “smart” squares next to the “contributors”?

  • Hman

    Another great interview Sean, keep your spirit. Your site is still the best on the NET, the sun will shine again sooner than later.

  • Bill

    In every economy there are actually 2 economies the out in the open one and the other is an underground or shadow economy! Bartering is another economy! The human spirit especially seems to come up with solutions that the powers that be try to control but as things tighten up that control is like water in their hands and all control is lost! The bartering system is already in place in many cities just google it!

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