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The ‘Official’ Story: Dissecting Sandy Hook, One Year Later — CT. Cop Mark S. Mann

by SGT,

Our friend Mark S. Mann is back. He’s a cop, he’s in Connecticut and on the one year anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary “event” in Newton, CT., Mark is taking us through the “official story” – and the “official report” on what happened on December 14, 2012. Nearly every single question we raised in this interview nearly one year ago, remains unanswered. But today, because of the actions and official claims of law enforcement – combined with sealed files and overwhelming levels of secrecy, we have even MORE questions about the event that is being used to target our Second Amendment rights.

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27 comments to The ‘Official’ Story: Dissecting Sandy Hook, One Year Later — CT. Cop Mark S. Mann

  • SGT

    Thank you for watching – and for thinking critically. Given Fast & Furious, Benghazi, the IRS scandal and the outright lies about Obamacare – it’s clear that our government is more than willing to LIE to us. We dissect the Sandy Hook ‘official’ story and find – more lies.

    • themanwithnoname

      Here is a good video that defines the method of those lies.Well worth the time to watch it if you are concerned about Soetorocare.The fact that Barry is one of the names he goes by should be a hint to you sleepy heads.

  • AgShaman

    Thanks for doing this Sean and Mark.

    Don’t let the enemy memory hole all these false flags

  • Dan C

    Nice interview. You pointed out all the major issues on this false flag event.

    FYI, I went on a mapping site and noticed there was a parking lot on the other side of the woods outside the school. It was maybe a 100 feet from where the chase video ended. So, if you wondered why those two guys were running into the woods, perhaps they had a getaway vehicle parked there,

  • Isaac

    Good interview, guys.

    The “evidence” photos released in late November of this year (link below) shows a shattered window pane TO THE RIGHT of the front doors. Yet, the door glass itself appears intact, so this alone contradicts the official claim that Lanza shot his way through the FRONT DOOR.

    Further, in a YouTube video (link below), Lt. Paul Vance of the CT State Police states that “law-enforcement broke many windows” in order to gain access to the school. They could have SHOT them out for all we know, considering the “lack of” video footage.

    So, the one shattered window pane shown in the released photos, the ONLY one of its kind released to the public that I can tell, is supposedly where Lanza gained entry. At least that’s the inference by releasing it with the other photos of the alleged crime scene.

    When considering the official explanation that he shot his way through the DOOR, and when considering the statement by Vance that police officers broke many windows, we must question whether this damage was caused by Lanza.


    Lt. Vance:

  • Tom G.

    Mark & Sean- Thank you for doing that interview. I listened to the whole thing. It was very level-headed and factual. One thing you brought up in the beginning that I think is true is why everything is so secretive. This is the angle I am using more and more to get people to question TPTB. Why was the FED Reserve made up in secret? Why was the NDAA signed on New year’s Eve? We need to make people stop assuming that the secrecy that the PTB tell us is for our safety is really for our safety. When you point out all the things that have been covered up and all the things done in secret, then the burden of proof falls on the sheeple to explain why certain events are indeed not a true and genuine conspiracy of people who do not have our best interests at heart. Thanks again guys.

  • Phil Downunder

    Nice analysis guys,

    Sandy Hook brings back memories of the Port Arthur massacre in Tasmania, Australia in 1996.

    Unsuspecting, unarmed and defenseless targets attending a remote , historical resort, crazed LONE GUNMAN, (with an I.Q. of 62 & negligible weapons training) 35 dead, 22 wounded,(64 bullet casings found), most of the 19 dead inside the Broad Arrow Cafe were shot in the head, by a gunman firing from the right hip at 1.25second spacings, 7 hours for police and SWAT to arrive when Port Arthur is only about 50 mins drive from the capital, Hobart,etc, etc.

    And the end result??? 650,000 Australian semi-automatic weapons were confiscated and destroyed from law-abiding citizens.

    Can anyone see a pattern emerging?? Perhaps a beta test??

  • I’m certain that Sandy Hook was some sort of false flag, weird event. There is a woman who gave a rundown of that entire happening, and it was very well presented, the best case I’ve seen on this. Her name is Sophie Smallstorm. If you are interested in Sandy Hook. I think you should have a look It is called ” UNRAVELING SANDY HOOK”.
    Sophie Smallstorm

    • JayJay

      I have watched many videos and read many researcher’s articles.
      With this video by Smallstorm, she highlights most of that, facts I already knew, but the blood cleanup was a new question that needs to be answered.
      Great video by her, by the way.

  • William1

    Sean, off topic but this website has some rogue javascript which continually hijacks Safari on my iphone, redirecting it to a variety of games in the Apple’s App Store. Please fix – it is very annoying. It only happens at this website, for me. I’ll be watching a video, then voila, I’m looking at some game in the App Store. Multiple times.

  • Fred Hayek

    Maybe I missed it but I heard a female researcher/independent journalist make a great point. She called up the Connecticut State Police and asked if their branch which would normally do cleanup of a gruesome crime scene like that had been there. They said no they hadn’t. The researcher couldn’t find any evidence that anyone had cleaned up the supposedly brutal crime scene purportedly replete with blood, the tissue of children and bullets. But why wouldn’t they need to have it cleaned up?

  • Krow!

    Good interview, but I disagree with Mark’s opinion of not discussing the many important details behind this Sandy Hoax event. One must discuss ALL the inconsistent details in order to get the total picture of what happened here, and to prove conclusively that this was one giant hoax, with the hopeful result being the disarming of America. From the freakish coroner, the laughing Robbie Parker whose little girl was “killed” the day before, the known actors playing parts of parents, to the peddafile freak Gene wearing the pumped-up blue coat talking about him playing with the kids in his house, the many actors at the Firehouse walking in circles eating doughnuts, the lack of any ambulances at S.Hoax, no wounded rushed off to hospitals, parents NOT allowed to see their dead, the “dead” kids left on the floors for 2 days and then sneaked out during the middle of the night, the super bowl S. Hoax kids, to the disgusting Parker family in green/white showing their crawl space. I hope all these actors/players are sentenced and executed in our future retaken Patriotic Republic.
    Kaaaaaaaaaa! saith the Krow

  • freedom Fighter

    Admin post this video, very epic journey about our life and nephelims.

  • Grimace

    The other day, Conan O’Brien did this bit on news media

    Funny but really sad…..and explains a lot
    Something to think about

  • Edelson

    John Friend’s interview with Sophia Smallstorm seems to come to similar conclusions as Mark Mann’a which reinforces my belief of a hoax.

  • Mark S Mann


    I agree with what you are saying, but due to the limited time scope of this interview, we did not cover many of the minute details. I am not sure if you understand my intentions here. I am saying that those details don’t matter if we look at the “official” investigation as told, and expose the huge holes in it based on simple logic, and basic science. The “details” you are talking about are all circumstantial suppositions that are impossible to prove regardless of how solid they are. There are plenty of people that are covering this material in the alternative media. The problem is when you divulge into that realm, you start to loose people. My goal was to use this event to help “wake up” people. I would rather expose the “official story” as a fraud, and use that to enable people rather than to talk about details which can never be proven and that were ever part of the official investigation. The burden of proof for that material is on YOU, not the agencies that presented their finding as official “truths”.

    You are NOT going to find any “smoking guns” in this material. If you want a “smoking gun” look into how Adam Lanza shot his way through basically the front entrance of the school and there was never any admission to any video or photographic evidence ever taking place. Dig into that and let me know what you find.

    Thanks for listening.

    Best Wishes,

    • Krow!


      Thanks for taking the time to reply to my comments. OK, I understand your viewpoint of concentrating on only the details of the “official” investigation, and the clear ability to expose those huge holes in it……that will help reveal this huge scandal to many Americans, and then they can dig further into the incredible details which have been revealed by other patriots on Youtube and other media.

      Yes, there should be videos/photos of this event IF it was a real event, and not just a huge and terrible acting job performed by many people. If the video was running, the only thing they would capture would be the Craft/blackwater agents pumping lead into Lanza, or just dragging his dead corpse in (as he was reported dead the day prior).

      If some dedicated investigators could track the families of these “dead” kids, I think some great evidence of this fraud would be found.

      Thanks for communicating your thoughts through these interviews with Sean, as it is greatly helping. Keep up the great work.

      Kaaaaaaa! Kaaaaaaa!, saith the Krow.

  • mangrove

    Mark and Sean, thank you both for covering this again. I so appreciated the interview from about a year ago too — it was a big factor in my extensive research at the time, bringing me to the ultimate conclusion that the entire story was made up. Of course, the ramifications of that realization are absolutely staggering — the complicity of so many authorities and “average citizens” — it’s hard for most people to fathom the extent to which our reality is being shaped by the media, in concert with government and big business and downright evil.

    Edelson mentioned Sophia Smallstorm above, and I wanted to provide the following link to a well-produced video recently released by Tyranny News Network, which builds on Smallstorm’s excellent presentation. This really needs to be spread far and wide, as does the SGT interview.

  • Mark S Mann


    Thanks for all your kind words and support. I want to say again, I don’t claim to know what happened at Sandy Hook. I think this will go down like a lot of other events in American history in which the truth never comes out. However, I like many of you know bullshit when we see it and hear it THAT IS WHAT MATTERS MOST!

    Thanks for all your support and thanks to the SGT Crew for working so hard to make my voice heard.

    Happy Holidays!

    • Hannon

      After much arguing with my wife, because I wanted to go the non compliance route, I filled out the certificate applications and magazine declaration form. I’m on my way out to notarize them and send them certified mail. I’m sick to my stomach over it. I’m going to start looking into leaving this state, CT can keep it’s welfare hoards, gun laws, taxes and find someone else to help pay their bills. I’m completely disappointed and disgusted beyond belief, I never thought I’d be seeking to run away from my life long home, were my extended family has very deep routes. Anyways, I’m done ranting, I just wanted to say thanks for having the guts to speak out. If the police are going to save their image in the eyes of the public, more of them are going to have be like yourself. Happy Holidays and be careful this holiday season out on the roads and around traffic, where the real threats are!

      • Mark S Mann


        Thank you Brother. I appreciate your kind words. There are thousands of cops like me out there, and when the shit goes down for real, they will be standing right next to honest American like you. Please believe that. I know because I work with them.

        Keep your head up Brother!

        Thank YOU for having the guts to be here to look for the truth. Most people “don’t want to hear it”. I am in Florida for the holidays and doing some diving tomorrow.

        Best Wishes to You and Your family.


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