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The Man With the Plan

from Robert Murphy:

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4 comments to The Man With the Plan

  • Rudenewt

    20 to 25 years? Suffer the tyranical abuses of unjust governance for 25 years so you can avoid fireing a shot? If I remember your reference correctly didn’t everyone in that movie that went along with the plan not only die but were killed because of, and by the guy who, came up with that plan? While I am not for a shooting war I am most certainly not going to fart around for a quarter century and intellectually debate the pros and cons of freedom with sheep that have no concept of it let alone any desire to give up their gubment cheese. If you get termites are you going to politely intimidate them into leaving or are you going to take sure and certain steps to physically remove them including, as a last resort, burning down the house? After all its my house, I’ll do what ever I wish with it before I see it food for parasites. And unlike the termites and sheep I can always rebuild. As dear old grand pappy used to say, if you ain’t willing to kill and die for it you really just don’t want it all that much.

  • Marc

    How stupid.
    We can all withdraw our consent today!!!!
    Go bankrupt and stop paying your bank.
    Use their fiat dollars to convert to actual useful assets.
    Educate yourself to knowing several trades for local barter systems.
    I look forward to the reset, when our stored labor (savings in real assets) will not be debased away by the govt,banks,wall street cronies.

  • B.M.

    Agree with both other posts. This guy is in dreamland. The NWO elites will be collpasing the system AND culling the herd (genocide) long BEFORE 25 years. How many will suffer and die in between now and 25 years at the hands of a tyrannical gov’t bent on depopulation, wealth confiscation and human enslavement?

    If I didn’t know any better, I’d say this guy is a paid for stooge of the elite, trying to influence the masses within the patriot/liberty movement.

  • Dan

    This guy IS in dreamland. He looks like a nice little porky pig. When the NWO is fully in charge do you think they are going to leave this guy alone, or put him on a spit and have a little pig roast. This little piggy when “Weeeeeeeeeeeeee, weeee, weeee!” all the way home. Follow guys like the Marc and the other posts above. Real men.

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