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The Lovers & Haters of Mandela – And No Mention of Madiba Magic

from Scenario News:

I am amused. Really. International detractors of Mandela fall into two distinct camps.

On the one hand we have the rabid capitalists and fascists, condemning him for being a communist and a terrorist. The ANC followed the Gandhi model of peaceful protest, until Sharpville. When any nation is confronted by a government that has state sanctioned terrorism, as South Africa had with forced removals, Sharpville, restrictions on freedom of movement and trade, detention without trial, torture, assassination and as we later found out to our horror Vlakplaas and Boipatong along with “third force”incitement to violence, that nation will eventually respond in kind.

As for the communist accusation, as I understand it and as I lived it, under Apartheid anyone who opposed the government was labelled a communist whether they were human rights activists, liberals or democrats. Under extreme situations the phase “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”often becomes apparent. Mandela certainly was friends and worked with communists, whether deep down he believed in the principles of communism or not, I still have no idea.

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