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The Insiders Are Now Preparing For The Economic Collapse

from X22Report:

S&P just cut the credit rating of the EU. Times are so tough that shoppers are spending 40% less this year. The US government is coming for everyone’s money and more countries have turned over depositor accounts to the US government. China has setup a clearing house and they don’t want the dollar anymore and they have emptied UK’s vault. Obamacare is being delayed because it is a complete disaster. The NDAA is being fast tracked to be passed by the end of the year.

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1 comment to The Insiders Are Now Preparing For The Economic Collapse

  • Isaac

    Very rational discussion. All one needs to do is connect the dots. It ain’t rocket science where all this is going.

    And for those of you STUPID enough to continue to believe that gold and silver are worthless relics, and that the stock market is a true representation of the health of our economy, you deserve what you’re gonna get.

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