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‘The human race is in trouble’ now that the post-antibiotic era is on our doorstep

by Ethan A. Huff, Natural News:

The first person ever to fall victim to the so-called “post-antibiotic era” — a New Zealand man recently died from a novel bacterial strain that is fully resistant to every known antibiotic — has sparked fresh concerns about what some are now referring to as the real-life zombie apocalypse. Drug-resistant bacteria, warns John Aziz from The Week, is probably humanity’s biggest threat for which there are currently no solutions in sight, and this could very soon have devastating consequences unlike anything the world has ever seen.

The advent of drug-resistant bacteria is nothing new, as this phenomenon has been occurring ever since the first man-made antibiotics hit the scene back in the 1940s. But the tendency of pathogens to continually adapt and develop resistance to the very substances originally designed to kill them has reached a major turning point, as there are simply not enough new antibiotics being developed to tackle all these new and virulent “superbugs.” In other words, malignant bacteria are outsmarting the best that modern medicine has to offer, which does not bode well for the future of humanity.

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5 comments to ‘The human race is in trouble’ now that the post-antibiotic era is on our doorstep

  • 8Ball

    I think that megalomaniacal sociopaths will finish us off long before the bugs do…

  • AK

    Maybe the megalomaniacal sociopaths will finish us off by unleashing the superbugs on humanity.

    • 8Ball

      Doubtful… we are more than capable of being herded into doing the job ourselves.

      The “they’re coming to get us meme” is a very powerful motivational tool.

  • Slvrizgold

    @MS34 Yup, silver hydrofoil/colloidal silver/nanosilver whatever you want to call it, is the answer to any infection. A friend had a kidney infection that would not go away (back pain, burning while peeing, etc) The SICKCARE system prescribed her an antibiotic. It didn’t cure it. It came back with a vengeance. So the AMA Quack gave her a 10 day regimen of Cipro (nasy nasty stuff). IT DIDN’T WORK. I told her, don’t go back to the Doctor. Take this silver stuff. A few teaspoons a day. A few short days later. GONE.

    Cannabis cures cancer.
    Silver kills bacteria, viruses, many pathogens

    The AMA FDA Big Pharma Sickcare System would rather you flounder and even DIE rather than CURE YOURSELF for PENNIES.

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