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The First Amendment

by Bill Holter, Miles Franklin:

Is a one way street, it didn’t used to be this way but unfortunately this is what we have now.  I’ve wanted to write about this topic for quite some time but never have because I figured that the feathers I would ruffle would take away from the message I’ve been trying to deliver.  You all know by now that I have absolutely ZERO question in my mind that paper currencies will collapse, there may be only 1,000 people in the world who have no “nagging doubts” about this in the back of their minds…I am one of them.  I mention this because I want you to know that I write from the heart, I say what I mean and try not to “hedge.”  I try to write like I speak (thus the horrible grades in all of my English classes) because it’s the only way I know how.  I have had a message based on logic and common sense that hopefully some will heed and protect them and loved ones.  What you are about to read has nothing to do with “protecting yourself financially” but some will “feel better” after reading it while others may never read me again.  I will “feel better” because someone sooner or later had to say “something” because for the most part very few have.

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1 comment to The First Amendment

  • 8Ball

    I usually dismiss most M-F articles as a sales pitch for PM’s but this was good. Yup, a lot of people will get rubbed the wrong way but they need to hear what you said…

    Get a copy of Wardner’s “The Planned Destruction of America”. It was out of print for quite awhile but I notice that they now have a few copies at Amazon.

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