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By Al Lewis, The Burning Platform:

I have had and continue to have my fair share of issues with the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. But I judge people by their actions. And the new Pope’s actions so far have been positive, in my opinion. He is fighting an uphill battle against an ingrained corrupt/evil bureaucracy, but he has begun the fight. He cannot change a centuries old institution overnight, but he has to start somewhere. He has taken on the Vatican bank and many of the Cardinals that have blocked reform.

Now he is taking on the worldwide ruling class. The reaction of the forces in power has been telling. The banking class and their captured mouthpieces in the media and government have attacked the Pope with vitriol, spittle flying out of their mouths as they condemn him as a vile communist.

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  • chizeled

    I read an article that says that the Pope may be assassinated:

    I believe that the Pope’s assassination is part of a bigger conspiracy to establish a one world religion/government. I suspect that the NWO and Vatican are trying to pass Obama off as the Mahdi. Some Islamic prophecies suggest that the Mahdi was born in 869 a.d. after which he was ‘magically’ hidden until it is time for him to reappear to save Islam. This is why I believe that the NWO and Vatican, that are owned by the Rothschilds, are spending so much time and effort trying to hide or otherwise distort Obama’a records. I believe that the Rothschilds, who employ Obama, want Obama to play the part of the Mahdi.

    Other Islamic ‘prophecies’ suggest that the Muslim version of Christ, Isa, will return to walk alongside the Mahdi. I believe that the Rothschilds will try to pass David de Rothschild, pictured at the link below, off as Isa/Christ/Horus reincarnated who has returned to walk alongside the Mahdi.

    In preparation for traipsing David Rothschild out of some temple in Jerusalem to play the part of Isa, I suspect that Pope Francis will be assassinated in order to make it look as though the Vision at Fatima has been fulfilled. This will enable the Rothschilds to put one of their own into the papacy. Therefore, I believe that David de Rothschild will play the part of the False Prophet who walks alongside the Mahdi otherwise known as the Antichrist. The Mahdi will run the one world government while the False Prophet will run the one world religion of Universalism all of which will be controlled by the Rothschilds.

    • Eric

      The Vatican is owned by the Rothschilds? More like the other way around although that isn’t really the case.

      All and I do mean ALL roads lead to Rome. There are 3 c’est que vie trusts by the Church of Rome. One owns your property. One your body. One your soul.

      I guess everyone missed the Apostolic letters this popey dope signed which made it illegal to discuss the pedophelia that has occurred in the church?

      you guys need to check out Kevin Annett in a big way. This will be the last pope. Rome will fall. Then the real Golden Age will begin.

  • Isaac

    The article states:

    “The banking class and their captured mouthpieces in the media and government have attacked the Pope with vitriol, spittle flying out of their mouths as they condemn him as a vile communist.”

    So, what else is new? Does the same thing not happen in the U.S. regularly? It’s political theater, the false left/ right paradigm. In actuality, the banking class and the pope represent the same global interests, fascist at their core, but more than willing to use communism (their own creation, after all) or any other “ism” to advance their agenda.

    Yet people take these skirmishes literally.

    (The last LEGITIMATE pope, Pope John Paul I only lasted 33 days (interesting number) before he was found dead under suspicious circumstances in 1978. It’s pretty well established that he was murdered by the power-that-be because he wasn’t in “the club”, nor did he tolerate it. Can’t say the same for the three that came after him.)

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