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The Division of Humanity by Humanity

by Heather Rodgers,

The strategy of Divide and Conquer has been used throughout history almost every time there is one group that wants to dominate or defeat another group. It has been a tried and true strategy for generals on the battlefield to assist in winning wars. The same strategy has been used against humanity by those that desire to control us through various forms of manipulation. In fact, it is so engrained into our way of being that we almost relish in dividing ourselves which allows them to better conquer humanity.

The strategy in war makes perfect sense. If you divide the opposition into smaller groups, especially if your army is larger in numbers or fighting power, then you are able to quickly defeat the smaller groups of fighters versus a larger mass or better equipped group that can help defend themselves and attack offensively. Communication would play a vital role in this aspect as well. If a larger group is working together towards a goal with clear communication, then they have a higher probability of achieving the goal versus many units with possible communication barriers working on an assumed strategy versus constantly morphing strategies to react to the opposition.

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