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Sofia Smallstorm — Unraveling Sandy Hook

[Ed. Note: On the one year anniversary of the event that is being used to infringe on our Second Amendment rights, we post material at odds with the “official story”, material inspired by our interview with a police officer in Connecticut, Mark. S. Mann. If you retain the ability to think critically, we STRONGLY urge you to watch this entire presentation.]

from IonUCanada:

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5 comments to Sofia Smallstorm — Unraveling Sandy Hook

  • jonathan

    I watched tho video before its a great video nice post SGT

  • Isaac

    One thing that struck me was the CLEAR discomfort of the police officers in the background when Dr. Carver was being interviewed, and the subject matter shifted to the type of weapon used and the nature of the wounds.

    Overall, this was a VERY well done presentation, and one that’s highly recommended. Please, people, if you have the time, watch it. And do so with an open mind.

  • jrod

    I cant even hear the swat guy talking over the music in the beginning.

    • SGT

      The ‘swat guy’ is Mark S Mann, it’s a portion of my interview with him. And yes, the music mix is horse sh#t, but fast forward to the “presentation”, she raises some very interesting points.

  • Isaac

    I have to admit, after watching this video, I’m seriously questioning whether anyone was killed that day in Newtown. If this was a completely staged event from beginning to “end” (it’s still ongoing), then it was done with incredible precision.

    With that said, assuming this was the case, the one thing I continue to question is the silence on the part of the participants. Can people really be counted on to keep there mouths shut, even if threatened with arrest (or worse)? It’s hard for me to imagine, yet the inconsistencies Miss. Smallstorm brings to light are pretty mind-boggling.

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