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So Gold Is Not Manipulated And There Are No Bubbles?

by Bill Holter,

I was away this past week and had the opportunity to view one of Via Mat’s vaults in Switzerland.  I plan to write about this but suffice to say that it would be easier to break out of a maximum security prison than to break into this fortress.  On my way back I had the chance to read several stories which have recently come out saying that we “can’t be in a bubble” because there have been so many people talking about just this very topic.  The logic goes that no bubble can exist if it is “recognized.”  It is thought that a “bubble” cannot exist if it is seen in real time and even Alan Greenspan has said that a “bubble” cannot be recognized until after the fact.  This is the topic that I had planned to write about today until I read a GATA dispatch regarding a State department meeting all the way back to 1974.  Don’t worry, I will keep my train of thought regarding “bubbles” and will get to it in a minute but Koos Jansen has dug up a doozy for those wanting to know the truth!

I say “doozy” because the minutes released are proof positive that U.S. government without a doubt follows the price of gold, cares what the price of gold does and understands (at least back then) that “he who has the gold makes the rules.”

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