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SLOPD Pull People Over in Corporate “Good Driver” PR Stunt

by Kim M, Infowars:

Christmas came a little early this year for drivers who were randomly pulled over by SLOPD for “demonstrating good driving habits.”

“I look in my rearview mirror. My heart pounds. Red lights of a police vehicle whirl behind me. A siren blares and a deep voice bellows: ‘Pull over to the right, please.’ What have I done?” asked Julie Young Dorman in a recent “Letter to the Editor.”

Yes, you too could have experienced the heart-pounding thrill of being detained without probable cause by the Nanny Police State December 11 – 24, 2013…

Only to be “presented with a gift certificate for $15.00 to Food-4-Less to thank you for making our streets safer this holiday season!”


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3 comments to SLOPD Pull People Over in Corporate “Good Driver” PR Stunt

  • Chuck

    Those people over at Info Wars are never happy, always under that perpetual little rain cloud. I can just imagine what they would report if the police had given the gift certificates to people breaking the law instead. It must suck always taking the negative angle on every little thing that happens.

    • Hannon

      I would be a bit pissed if this happened to me. Given the way the police behave, I have to fight my flight or fight response, every time I get pulled over, to the point I break into sweats, clench my teeth and my hands get jittery. You never know which one of them is going to just be a decent person doing a job, or a effin thug about to ruin your life, or kill you. Plus, I get so pissed when they start the fishing expedition, and all the questions.

  • karate kid

    chuck its great 45 grand a year to drive around and waste peoples time with 15 dollar gift certs

    tax me to death and give me 15 bucks waste my time
    chuck I have a life wasteing my time is 100 dollars for 10 minutes at least
    and to use gov vehicles for this show is a joke

    they stick it to you and dummies act how great it is
    chuck you are a fool ive already wasted to much of my valuable time on you 30 bucks please

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