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26 comments to MUST WATCH: The Silver Price is FIXED EVERY DAY – PROOF!!!

  • Fred Hayek

    It’s almost funny that the crooks in charge of the London gold fix should be investigated for, in effect, insider trading. That’s one of their smaller crimes. It’s a bit like Capone getting taken down for income tax violations.

    The guys at GATA showed that in the whole long bear market from 1981 to 2001, while the price of gold was pretty relentlessly dropping, it was actually going up slightly in the hours between the PM fix at the end of the London day and the AM fix at the start of the next London day. That whole 20 year bear market occurred entirely during London hours.

    And while gold was rocketing up in price from 2001 to 2011, it was *still* going down slightly during the day in London, if one compared each day’s London AM fix and then that day’s PM fix.

    Prices in London have only gone down for 30 years. They went down during what was overall a long bear market through the 80’s and 90’s and only by looking at graphs splitting out London “price” action with price action elsewhere do we realize that price was actually going up (slightly) all those years in the other hours of each down.

    But the piece de resistance is surely having the price of gold in London still decrease all through a decade (2001-2011)when price overall is going up six fold!

    Don’t get me wrong. It was good to get Capone on income tax evasion. It’ll be good to get HSBC et al on insider trading. But the real crime is that this opaque, fraudulent method of price discovery is a risible lie.

    • Ed_B

      Good points, Fred, and I agree. It will be good to nail these scum by any means possible. Once they are incarcerated, much more successful investigation can be done without their interference. THAT will be when the really juicy charges can be proved… and they will be.

  • Nick

    I don’t think it will be very long before China demands partial payment of debt by the US in physical gold. I’m basing that on the fact that China has set a limit on the amount of US dollars that it will now hold from here on out.

    • MoFo

      It is of my opinion that China IS getting paid will bargained priced gold. For the last two years, I have maintained that the Western Bankers could not just openly “square” the books with China. One, they didn’t have the surplus. And two, it would have sent the markets into a tail spin.

      I also believe that it isn’t just about trade deficits. It’s about the passing of the financial world torch. The ground work was set in 1971 when Nixon/Kissinger “opened” trade aggrements with China. In that same year Nixon later closed the gold window.
      The petrodollar also is a large part of it as well.

      This is just hitting the major points. The devil is in the details.

      • jonathan

        Don’t forget China does a lot of tech manufacturing gold and silver are heavily used in technology. its in the best interest of the banksters to have their tech companies pay less for the PM’s they use.

    • beligerant

      First the jobs flow east then the countries gold follows. We are now watching the gold flowing east. The only question is how long this continues before some type of event happens. This event could be a gold backed currency and / or revaluation of the metals.

  • Mike Brown

    It depends on whether or not the Chinese leaders are part of the global cabal and go along with the Western bankers, or in a nationalist surge stop propping up the dollar and allow their people to consume their production, instead of exporting it for worthless fiat. Seems in some media releases they are starting out on a course for the latter, in bypassing the USD and trading say grains and metals for oil in the ME.

    The Chinese have a history of being very calculated, and they are making major inroads in Africa in receiving physical assets as collateral for providing goods for Africans (vendor financing again).

    The Chinese also have huge malinvestments like the ghost cities and infrastructure due to the state controlling resources, and central planning always mis allocates capital and impoverishes. The Chinese like any one else need freedom and recognition of private property.

    • Ed_B

      “The Chinese also have huge malinvestments like the ghost cities and infrastructure due to the state controlling resources, and central planning always mis allocates capital and impoverishes.”

      Indeed so, Mike. Fortunately, we here in the US have the Fed to prevent such problems.


      • Dissolution

        I’m constantly surprised at people’s misperceptions of these so-called “ghost cities.” China is about to usurp the world’s reserve currency with their own due to their enormous holdings of gold, of which more has been delivered through the Shanghai exchange than is supposedly held at Fort Knox. Where do you think all of the newly wealthy Chinese are going to live when the revaluation of both gold and the yuan happens? Not to mention all of the immigration that follows. Think, people.

        • Mike Brown

          It is malinvestment. Yes they are producing and building up surpluses, whereas Western countries are going into debt and consuming. But production is a means to consume. ‘Jobs’ per se are not the goal, but productivity rather, which is maximized when people are free to voluntarily pursue profit in the laissez faire markets where there is efficient division of labor and specialization.

          The Chinese have huge bubbles of their own in their finance. They are printing currency, too, no doubt. As I said, they are making inroads in places like Africa to get claims on real resources as collateral for providing Africans with goods like they do with Americans. But the Chinese need freedom just as anyone else does. They should reap the benefits of their own hard work and savings culture, as opposed to selling it off for worthless fiat. Their government won’t let them, though, with all the laws as their government still steers them in an export driven model.

          The question will be in these Eastern countries whether or not their leaders become more in favor of laissez faire and let their currencies appreciate and back them with precious metals, or if they just are shills trying to preserve their own power positions and willing to go along with the Western global banking cabal to stay in power, the people of their nation be damned.

  • karate kid

    the truth is it one big lie .the country is finished only question is when do the riots .start,
    these people make me puke

  • lastmanstanding

    It is because they need it for all of this tech bs. At one time they considered it money. You could get whatever you needed by using silver. Is that not money? As a rational thinking man, wouldn’t one value an item if it came from the earth and took large amounts of labor and human ingenuity to refine? Absolutely.

    When did all of the tech bs begin? In the mid 1960’s. The space race, the tremendous expansion of the military industrial complex, the computer age and everything else that needs power to operate.

    Why again? Let me whisper so you will strain hard to hear me…Because silver is the only element on the freaking earth that makes the critical connection necessary for all of this shit to work. (In their debt and death paradigm) Gold doesn’t work folks. Why would they want the masses to have it. It is common knowledge that the silver investment market is tiny. I believe that by them keeping it cheap, they can continue to harvest what is left because they know that is in short supply and they aren’t far enough along with their complete enslavement of the earth plan.

    So why did they let it go to $50? To see how many are paying attention to the fucked up dollar scam…most likely the same reason they did it in 1980. They don’t want you to have it. They know that if you do, you can fight them back…and they have figured out that those that do have it…can and will send them back to hell.

    Frankly, they are afraid of having to come to you directly and get it. They would rather just break your hands by wearing you down, beating you mentally into submission…with tech used overwhelmingly in an unkind, devious, unearthly manner.

    So, that is one man summing it up as simply as I can. I will gather and retain all things of earthly value…I am saving items that the earth has given up for survival of those that I care about. Even things gained via technology since I have no control over it and it came from a human mind with good intentions.

    Unfortunately, I am with the karate kid’s comment above.

    I really do want to live in an honest world…good job Brother John…they are so arrogant that they post the truth in plain sight.

    Who would ever look for it there?

  • Mike

    BrotherJF has been making videos for over 2 years (that I know of) and many consider himself an silvet analyst. It is shocking to me he did not know there was a silver fix. As a casual obsever, this is something I knew. How can someone that analyzes silver technical trends and charts and makes predictions on price not know this? Confirms what I thougt of him all along and I will leave it at that.

    • Dissolution

      I have to agree that I am also more than a little surprised he didn’t know this previously.

    • Cleburne61

      BJF did know there was a silver fix, as he’d done a previous video showing how all other metals have two fixes….but silver, silver only has one per day.
      He showed in that vid that this means silver is the real, primary target perennially.

      The reason why he brought up silver fixing this time is due to the new watchdog investigation into it. He also found new sites which brought to light even more about the silver fix.

  • andrew james

    The exchange stabilization fund has been manipulating the metal markets since 1934. That’s why the CFTC rules in favor of the investment banks. It is a matter of government policy. Prices do move up and down though. There’s money in them there peaks and consolidations.

  • w.c. ling

    for every ounce of gold mined there is 17.5 ounces of silver.

    That means that for 17 & a half ounces of silver you can buy one ounce of gold.

    Price fixing is a theft and it must go pretty high up, since we’ve got laws for just about anything except regulating the regulators.

    • Mike Brown

      The market is the best regulator, and eventually the market will reimpose standards on these leaders who have been trying to usurp it for quite some time.

      Regulation/ legislation, etc, is futile and in the first place means statism, which means theft and coercion, since that is all the state is. The market imposes discipline and rewards profit and punishes bad investments. Crooks get rooted out and exposed, whereas governmental regulation is a monopoly on that and there is no competition and obviously there is the revolving door between the Wall-Street Washington complex.

      The people in emerging markets are choking on all the worthless US fiat that has been exported there while the U.S. has been able to run up huge deficits and consume way above its production levels. That will end as these emerging nations such as in the East mainly defect and consume their own production. They already are setting up bilateral trade agreements for energy that bypass the FRN.

  • Joe

    BJF has disabled comments on all of his videos. It makes a mockery of the libertarian perspective when someone is so insecure about the free flow of ideas. I unsubscribed as soon as he did that.

  • sandman

    They can only continue to fix the price in this fiat currency paradigm (42+ years). It will come to an end soon enough. Denying that silver is money will end, also. Patience…

    • Mike Brown

      Exactly. The market will reassert its authority over those who have usurped it. They have dumbed people down into believing the sorcery that is Keynesianism and believing consumption is what drives an economy, but this whole paradigm where people think things are ‘civilized’ will be shattered as the warfare welfare state ceases.

  • andrew james

    Define fixing. He says that the first fix was in 16 hundred something at what 69 pence? A 650 year Silver chart shows that Silver was over a thousand bucks and ounce before that. How did the price get from over a thousand to just a few pence at the time of the first price fix?

  • Isaac

    An “investigation” will lead NOWHERE. The fox is guarding the hen house, here, they’re and (pretty much) everywhere.

    WHEN a REAL breakout in price occurs with these metals, it won’t be the result of an “investigation”.

  • Troy

    The reason I invest in silver is because THEY set the price of silver. Because if they did not set the price, silver would probably be a couple hundred or more per ounce….right? If silver was $250 per ounce, I would NOT be buying any…I would just buy land, food, guns, ammo, etc etc. So, my hope is to have a stack, hoping someday the banksters lose control of the price..that would be a good day. If the price ever goes into the hundreds, I will sell most of it….always should keep some….and I would buy land, probably wooded acres. So, that being said, is it bad that they are rigging the price?, no, its great for stackers…but, at some point I want those bastards to let silver go to what it should be…or maybe they will lose control of the price. Would that be cool or what to see silver go from $19 to $250 in a few months. Keep stackin! But, have your food and prep list done…and if possible, have your home paid off. I still have $39,500 to go on mine. My food stock is long done, my gun and ammo stock is mostly done, and my preps are good enough I guess. Got some Sic Semper, Year of the Horse 1/2 ounces, Year of the Snake 5 ounces, 2014 Pandas, and 2014 Kooks coming next week.

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